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Library Staff

Name Title Contact Location
Ahern, JeannineBudget and Administrative Services Specialist610-519-4541Admin Office
Bampton, AliceVisual Specialist and Senior Writer610-519-6997Room 235
Bang, LauraDigital and Special Collections Curatorial Assistant610-519-6390RMC
Barnes, WardAccess Services Specialist610-519-4271Access Services
Bowles, RobinNursing/Life Science Librarian610-519-8129Room 230
Burke, DavidActing Team Leader – Resource Management610-519-7365RMC
Cywinski, LuisaTeam Leader - Access Services610-519-5215
Access Services
Dierkes, GeraldInformation Services Specialist610-519-7963Room 229
Duffy, ReginaLibrary Events and Program Coordinator610-519-3872Room 235
Duffy, MargaretBudget and Administrative Services Specialist610-519-7087Admin Office
Flavin, JesseAccess Services Specialist610-519-4274Access Services
Fogle, NikolausSubject Librarian for Philosophy610-519-5182Room 231
Foight, MichaelSpecial Collections and Digital Library Coordinator610-519-5185
Special Collections
Fry, AlfredScience Librarian610-519-4283
Room 224
Gallagher, Rev. DennisUniversity Archivist610-519-4133Archives
Gaskell, MillicentLibrary Director610-519-4290Admin Office
Greene, WilliamAccess Services Specialist610-519-4277Access Services
Hallberg, ChrisLibrary Technology Development Specialist610-519-5635RMC
Hauck, LindaBusiness Librarian610-519-8744Room 222
Holt, LorraineBusiness Processes & Administrative Services Specialist610-519-4291Admin Office
Hutelmyer, LauraElectronic Resources and Special Acquisitions Coordinator610-519-3057RMC
Katz, DemianLibrary Technology Development Specialist610-519-8745RMC
Kemp, PatriciaAccess Services Specialist610-519-3899Access Services
Lambert, DennisCoordinator of Collection Management and Development610-519-7966RMC
LeBlanc, RobertFirst Year Experience/Humanities Librarian610-519-7778Room 226
Matthews, LauraLibrary Events & Outreach Specialist610-519-4458Room 235
O'Connor, KathleenSenior Librarian for Systems Planning and Support610-519-4158
Ortynsky, TarasDescriptive Services Librarian610-519-4282RMC
Ottignon, SueResearch Support Librarian for Languages & Literatures610-519-5184
Room 220
Poley, DarrenTheology / Outreach Librarian610-519-6371
Room 234
Quinn, JoanneTeam Leader - Communication & Service Promotion610-519-3871Room 235
Quintiliano, BarbaraNursing/Life Sciences & Instructional Services Librarian610-519-5207Room 225
Rosci, RobertaResource Management Specialist610-519-6003RMC
Seibert, JuttaTeam Leader - Academic Integration610-519-7876Room 228
Smith, JacquelineBudget and Administrative Services Specialist610-519-4281Admin Office
Spatz, StephenAssistant Outreach & Research Support Librarian610-519-7508Room 235
Stango, AnnAccess Services Specialist610-519-6007Access Services
Stein, MerrillTeam Leader - Assessment and Liaison Team Leader for Geography and Political Science610-519-4272Room 221
Uspal, DavidSenior Web Specialist for Library Services and Scholarly Applications610-519-8954RMC
Williams, AlexanderResearch Support Librarian for the Social Sciences610-519-8845Room 227
Wingo, SarahTeam Leader- Humanities II, Subject Librarian for English Literature and Theatre610-519-5183
Room 232
Wood, MelanieAcademic Integration Technical Specialist610-519-3846Room 229


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