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The Aurelius Digital Humanities Initiative is a project of Falvey Memorial Library to support digital humanities (DH) projects and promote a DH community at Villanova University.

Aurelius was the family name of St. Augustine and we chose to name our program after him to reflect the Augustinian heritage of our community at Villanova.

What are the "digital humanities"?

It's hard to come up with one definition since there are so many things involved, but basically it comes down to the intersections between technology and humanities scholarship, in all their varied forms. As we grow our own DH community, we'll get a feel for what that means within our own setting. What do you want from a digital humanities program? Be part of the dialogue!

Who are we?

Right now, the two main contacts for this initiative are Laura Bang, Digital Humanities Coordinator, and David Uspal, Digital Humanities Technology Developer. We're also helped by some other great library staff from various teams. If you have questions, please direct them to digitalhumanities@villanova.edu.


Last Modified: Monday, April 15th, 2013