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e-books for business

Most of our ebooks are discoverable via the library catalog.  However the catalog only allows searching by metadata items such as author, title, publisher, subject and when available chapter titles.  Since valuable information may only be discoverable in the in the full text of ebooks, searching in the native interface may be what's needed. 

Ebooks come in a wide variety of formats, device compatibility and restrictions on use known as digital rights managment (DRM).  EPub is the most common format for popular ebooks that is compatible with iPads and iPods, the Nook, Sony Reader and many others (but not the Kindle).  However the scholarly and professional ebook collections provided by the library primarily are in PDF format or html based formats that are functional within  downloadable ereaders or in a browser online.

ebrary  Subjects span all business topics from accounting to finance, economics, management, marketing and information science from a wide range of publishers.  Works best with IE browser. Most titles only one user at a time.  Copy, paste and print limited portion of each title.  Must be online to read book cover to cover.  Recommend creating login and using the ebrary reader.

EBSCOHost ebooks Subjects span all business topics by a wide range of publishers.  Copy, paste and print limited portion of each title.  Most titles only one user at a time allowed access.  Our library does not have any titles with check out and download permissions, to read cover to cover must be online.  Limited printing allowed.

Business Expert Press Brief books summarizing specialized business topics written by expert academics.  Each and every title written to get reader up to speed. Books may be read online with browser in ebrary reader or downloaded and read with the adobe digital editions.

Sage eReference  You are not likely to want to read the managment, marketing, economics ad career encyclopedias and handbooks found here cover to cover because they aren't designed for that.  The articles and chapters in these books stand alone as introductions to concepts, controversies and changes in the field.  Read online, print or email yourself the relevant entries.

OECD iLibrary The OECD publishes book and annuals about development, economics, trade, taxation, energy, food and industry.  Download these pdf books chapter by chapter or in the whole.

Books 24/7 Our content limited to business aspects of information technology.  Almost all titles must be read online, but a few select titles have DRM allowing downloading to pdf, mp3 and others.

CRCNetBase Our content limited to business aspects of civil, electrical, mechicanical, water and chemical engineering. Check the "Full Access Content Only" box to avoid searching locked down content and download pdf's of books chapter by chapter.


Last Modified: Tuesday, September 20th, 2011