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Course Reserves

Reserve material is located on the first floor of Falvey Memorial Library. The use of most Reserve material is restricted to registered students and also by loan period. To borrow Reserve material, patrons must have a Wildcard.

Electronic Reserves

Faculty may request that the library make certain readings available online. Items accepted for electronic reserve include photocopies of articles, selected book chapters, exams, papers, essays, etc.  Processing time for Electronic Reserves is 24-72 hours, depending on the time of year.

Students will access Electronic Reserves via Blackboard Course Management software. Students must be registered for the class to obtain access to the Electronic Reserve readings. All scanned items must meet copyright law restrictions.

Faculty Guidelines for Electronic Reserves.

AV Reserves

Processing videos for course lists is restricted to Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm when Reserve staff are available. Processing time for this material type is 24 hours. Videos placed on reserve are restricted to an in house 3 hour loan period.

Library Books

Library books are placed on reserve by the instructor and may have a loan period of 2 hours, 1, 3, or 7 days.  To use reserve books,  students may request books from staff at the Circulation desk and must present their Wildcard.

Instructors' Personal Materials

Faculty may place their own books, exams, magazines, manuals, etc. on reserve for students to use.  Most of these items have a 2 hour loan period and may be restricted to library use only. To use faculty copies, students may request them from staff at the Circulation desk and must present their Wildcard.   Please be aware that Reserves can only accept privately owned or Falvey owned items for Reserves.  We cannot accept items owned by other libraries or by commercial enterprises, like video stores.

Faculty Guidelines for Print Reserves

Reserve: Overdue & Fine Policy

Overdue Fine Policy

2 Hour Non Circulating $1 per hour per item, $10 max
2 Hour Circulating $1 per hour per item, $10 max
1, 3, 7 Day Loan $1 per day per item, $10 max

Lost Item Fee   

Lost Book  $100 replacement fee plus $10 overdue fine

Fines accrue when a circulating item is not returned by the time or date it is due. Fines continue to accrue even when the library is closed. When an item becomes 10 days overdue, a replacement fee in addition to the late fine will be assessed.  Moreover, the library reserves the right to notify a professor if his personal material is not returned to the Reserve Room.

Phone & Email

You can contact Becky Whidden at 610-519-3848 or email at rebecca.whidden@villanova.edu.


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