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The following is a list of upcoming events occuring throughout campus (not just the library).  Click on the particular event to get details on locations and times from the official campus calendar of events:

November 12th

For nonprofits, holding a fundraiser can be the most lucrative way to collect money for an organization and cause. While it may be the best way – it’s not always the easiest. Fundraisers take time, effort and collaboration across multiple departments. From marketing to finance – everyone needs to align their piece of the fundraising [...]

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November 3rd

There are few things more discouraging than walking out of the office to an already dark sky. Pair this with freezing temps, and you’ve got what we call the Winter Blues – where both energy and moods are lower than normal. Our work, overall health and relationships can suffer as a result of this low [...]

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October 31st

Make the most out of your Facebook event with a direct link to capture data and take registrations! Have you ever been frustrated with Facebook events? Especially if you need to communicate directly with individuals who indicated they are attending your event? With Active Calendar’s software you can do all this and more simply by [...]

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October 29th

Growing your volunteer community may be easier than you think. People from ages eight to 88 look forward to giving back where they live. Often times, volunteers view community service as an opportunity to socialize and meet new people. It’s a great way for empty-nesters to fill their newly found free time, retirees to stay [...]

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October 16th

Thanks to the introduction of Facebook’s “Donate Now” button, it’s easier than ever for nonprofits to turn social media engagement into monetary contributions. The “Donate Now” call-to-action (CTA) works much like Facebook’s other buttons in that it can be added to a non-profit’s company page at any time, and with no cost. Encourage donations by referencing [...]

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October 7th

Chances are if you’re in marketing or event management you’re already using social media to help boost event awareness and increase attendance. But are you taking full advantage of all that social media marketing has to offer? Throwing event details up on Facebook or Twitter without additional effort certainly won’t do you any good. Check [...]

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September 22nd

Just because the summer is over and the kids are back at school doesn’t have to mean the fun’s over. Fall is the perfect time of year for hosting outdoor parties, not to mention it has some of the biggest holidays of the year built right in. If you feel like your creativity is sapped [...]

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September 18th

Although it’s been a few weeks since school’s started, some of you may still be mourning the loss of summer vacation and suffering from what we like to call the “back to school blues.” It’s not as hard to come out of this slump as you may think. The start of school also signifies some [...]

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September 11th

The venue is picked, the date is circled on the calendar and you’re counting down the days. But we all know that planning a great event is useless if nobody shows up! Remember, planning an event doesn’t stop once it’s, well, planned. How can you get the word out about your event in a creative [...]

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September 3rd

When it comes to promoting an event, there are tons of ways to attract and engage attendees. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the digital space and lose sight of the most basic event goal – to interact with other people! So to delight, inspire and encourage you in your own event promotion [...]

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