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Conscience of the Holocaust Lecture featuring Ellen Cassedy 10/22/14


Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014, at 12:30 PM


Room 204

Event Description:

Please join us in room 204 of Falvey Memorial Library on Wednesday, Oct. 22 at 12:30 p.m. for the annual Conscience of the Holocaust lecture featuring Ellen Cassedy, speaker, journalist, author of non-fiction books, and Yiddish translator.

Cassedy’s talk, "Remembering the Holocaust in Lithuania: Challenges, Controversies, and Hope for a More Tolerant Future” will explore how a nation scarred by genocide comes to terms with “the dark past.” Drawing on ten years of research into tolerance initiatives in Lithuania, award-winning author Ellen Cassedy will shine a spotlight on Holocaust remembrance in a land burdened with seemingly irreconcilable histories. PowerPoint images will accompany the talk.

Ellen Cassedy’s We Are Here: Memories of the Lithuanian Holocaust (University of Nebraska Press, 2012), begins with a personal journey into the old Jewish heartland (land of her Jewish forebears), and then expands into a larger exploration.  The book won four national awards and was short-listed for the William Saroyan International Prize for Writing. Jewish Book World calls it “brilliantly balanced, totally engaging, and constantly penetrating.”  

About the “Conscience of the Holocaust” lecture:

In Sept. 2006, on the eve of the first anniversary of modern Jewish hero Simon Wiesenthal’s peaceful death, Falvey Memorial Library presented the inaugural “Conscience of the Holocaust” lecture. World-renowned “Nazi hunter” Simon Wiesenthal’s motto of “Justice, Not Vengeance” inspired a series of annual events.  Identified with other major campus-wide programs, this lecture series has been an important part of Villanova University honoring the memory of those destroyed in the Shoah (1933-1945).

The intent of the “Conscience of the Holocaust” lecture, however, is more than a day of remembrance of the victims of the holocaust and the Allied liberation of Nazi death camps. It is an effort by Falvey Memorial Library to combat non-violently anti-Semitism, hate, terrorism and genocide, and to positively promote, through intellectual engagement, human rights and the dignity of every human person.

The title of the lecture series was taken from a quotation by Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles: "I think he'll be remembered as the conscience of the Holocaust. In a way he became the permanent representative of the victims of the Holocaust, determined to bring the perpetrators of the greatest crime to justice."

This event, co-sponsored by Falvey Memorial Library, the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, the Center for Peace and Justice Education, and the Department of History, is free and open to the public.

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