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LEVEL Annual Casino Night Fundraising Table


Tuesday, February 25th, 2014, at 7:00 PM


First Floor General Public Space

Event Description:

LEVEL Annual Casino Night Fundraising Table
Location: Just outside of the First Floor Lounge
Will be at the table from 6:45-11:15 pm
# of attendees:
Title of talk:
Description of talk/event: The student group LEVEL, which that promotes able ism awareness, will be selling tickets for their annual casino night fundraiser. Casino Night is a chance for much needed funds to be raised that will be directed towards new projects and innovations in Level. In partnership with the Office of Disability Services, Level contributes to the Father William Atkinson Endowment to help provide financial assistance to Villanova students that are differently-abled. Our goal is to allow Level the opportunity to expand its role in Villanova’s greater community through activities, such as trips or service projects, for members of Level and Students registered with the Office of Disability Services.
LEVEL was created by a student on campus to partner students with differing abilities. SLC students who choose LEVEL will be partnered with a student who is challenged with physical, emotional or learning differences. SLC students will assist students with homework, transcribe notes from class or do whatever is needed to help another student achieve their academic potential. The most important part of this service is to Level the playing field for students of differing abilities. Through communication and relationship you will find ways to include others who we might otherwise not be included in the social, spiritual and psychological fabric of our community.
Introduction (if sponsored or co-sponsored):
Food: No
Needs/Set-up: 2 tables with 4 white folding chairs, 2 tablecloths, arrow sign, power strip, trash can. The tables should be placed just outside of the first floor lounge. (If you are facing the lounge, to the left of the doors.
Contacts: Gregory Hannah, Advisor to Students with Physical Disabilities, Staff Advisor of LEVEL, 9-3209 and Juliana Pastore is the student leader of LEVEL's PR department and directing ticket sales
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