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With RefWorks you can...

  • create a personal database online - Store an unlimited number of records accessible from any computer linked to the Internet. No downloading software or installation required.
  • import references automatically from multiple databases - Search results from a wide variety of databases can be automatically exported into RefWorks with the click of a button.
  • organize and manage references - Sort and file references quickly and easily using folders, duplicate search, and author, keyword, and periodical indexes.
  • share references - Using the Internet, easily collaborate with members of your own institution or globally with other researchers, faculty members, or students.
  • format bibliographies and manuscripts in seconds - Save hours of typing time and decrease the number of errors made when creating tedious bibliographies. Easily make changes to your paper and reformat in seconds.


How do I get a RefWorks account?

  • From the Databases A-Z page and choose RefWorks.
  • Log in with your Villanova LDAP ID and password.
  • At the next screen, click "Sign up for an individual account."

I have a RefWorks account.  Now what do I do?

RefWorks or Endnote?

 The library is still supporting EndNote. This comparison chart can help you choose the right product for you.

Feature RefWorks EndNote
Ease of learning A bit simpler to learn than EndNote Takes a bit longer to learn
To get the software... Click on Refworks from the Databases A-Z page. Log in with LDAP ID and password, then create your account.

Borrow CD at Falvey service desk or contact Robin Bowles for a USB installer.

I use a Mac... RefWorks is compatible with PC and Mac! Borrow Mac version at Falvey service desk.
Export citations from databases... Yes, export to your personal folders from any location where you have an Internet connection. Yes, export to EndNote folders located on your own computer.
Citations are stored... On RefWorks server. On your computer
Place in-text citations and generate bibliography as I type my paper... Yes, with Write-N-Cite Yes, with Cite While You Write
Generate stand-alone bibliographies... Yes Yes
Share files with others for group projects... Easy and streamlined with RefShare feature! Email or download files to share and merge.
Special characters, accent marks, etc. Unicode compliant
If I start with one product and want to switch... You can convert your RefWorks files to EndNote and vice-versa.
If I leave Villanova... You can download your citations to your computer, but you will no longer have access to RefWorks unless you purchase your own subscription. The software is on your computer for you to keep using.  Upgrades have to be purchased.


RefWorks is a Web-based software package designed to help you easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies.

Learn more about RefWorks

More questions? Contact

Research and Support: X94273 (off campus, 610-519-4273)
or email: ref@villanova.edu

Notice: Internet Explorer 7 users may experience extreme slowness when using RefWorks.  This is due to IE's new Phishing Filter that evaluates website content. Microsoft has a downloadable patch for this problem. A second option is to manually turn off the phishing filter under the tools section of IE.


Last Modified: Monday, January 30th, 2012