Art Full Text indexes and abstracts articles published in over six hundred art, art history and architecture journals. Although the name of this database suggests otherwise, full text coverage is selective.

This tutorial demonstrates how to find peer-reviewed, a.k.a. scholarly journal articles, how to link to the library’s e-journals and how to request articles via interlibrary loan from other libraries.

For the purpose of this exercise our topic will be:
"Pietro da Cortona and the Painter’s Workshop in Baroque Rome."

The Art Full Text search interface should be on the right side of the screen. You may have to log in with your ldap password first, if you are off-campus. Use the navigation arrows at the bottom to advance to the next page.

Click on the right arrow below to start.

Basic Keyword Search

We will start with a very simple search for "cortona." We may add further search terms, if we retrieve too many results. Type "cortona" into one of the search boxes and click on Search.

How many results did you get?

How many academic journal articles are among the results?
Hint: Look under Source Types.

Check the box next to Academic Journals to limit your search results to scholarly journal articles and advance to the next screen.


You now have less than 100 records for journal articles. Notice that most of them are about Pietro da Cortona although we only searched for "Cortona." Spelling variations can be a problem, especially with foreign names. The subject index lists the spelling used in Art Full Text

Click on Subject under Refine Results on the left side of the results screen. This will open a list of subjects assigned to the records in your results list. Behind each subject is a number which indicates how often a subject occurs in the results list.

How often does the subject Pietro da Cortona, 1596-1669 occur in your results list?

Check the box next to the subject Pietro da Cortona to further limit your results list to articles with this subject and advance to the next screen.

Display Customization

We narrowed the results to a manageable number. Note, that you can scroll up to the search box at any time and change your search terms or add additional search terms into one of the search boxes.

You should see twenty records per page, but you can change this setting under Page Options. You can also change the sorting of your results from Publication date to Relevance. Feel free to investigate these customization features.

Art Full Text display options

Note that only five of the first twenty records are available as full text articles in Art Full Text. On the next screen we will take a closer look at a single record.

The Article Record

Take a closer look at Giovan Battista Fidanza's article "A rediscovered altarpiece by Pietro da Cortona... " published in the Burlington Magazine. Click on the title of the article to open the full record. The short abstract summarizes the article in a few sentences. Add this record to a folder by clicking on the appropriate icon under Tools on the right side of the screen. The record will stay in the folder as long as you are actively searching. Email or save your results before you take a break or you will risk losing them.

Art full text record

Art Full Text does not have the full text of this article but the library has a subscription to the Burlington Magazine. Click on Findit to link to the full text. Findit will open a new tab or a new browser window on your screen. You will need to toggle between two tabs or windows to follow instructions.

Full Text via Findit

In most cases, Findit will link you directly to the article. The Burlington Magazine does not have bookmarks for individual articles, but once you link to the journal homepage, you can easily navigate to the August 2013 issue. Most journals have direct links to individual articles.


Return to the results list with the help of the navigation link at the top of the record and advance to the next screen.

Results list navigation

Interlibrary Loan via Findit

Now locate the article "Two newly discovered drawings by Pietro da Cortona..." by Lilian Zirpolo on the second page of your results list. Click on the title to open the full record. Add this record to the folder as well. Then click on Findit to link to the full text. The Findit pop-up window indicates that Villanova does not have a subscription to the journal Drawing.

interlibrary loan

Click on the "Use ILLIAD to request electronic delivery...." link. At this point you will be prompted to log in. You may have to fill out account information, if you do not already have a interlibrary loan account. Submit your account information, if prompted for it, and close the ILLIAD account window. Click a second time on "Use ILLIAD to request electronic delivery..." and a pre-filled request form will pop up. Do not submit the request unless you want to have a copy of this article. You will be notified via email when the pdf file of the article is deposited in your account. It generally takes one to two business days.

Email Bibliographic Records

Click on the Folder icon at the top of the screen to review your article selection. Select both articles and click on the Email icon on the right side. Type your email address in the space provided and select Chicago/Turabian Humanities style from the Citation Format drop-down menu. Click on Send to email the records to yourself.

email manager


What is Art Full Text?

Can you get the full text of all the journal articles indexed in Art Full Text?

Can you limit search results to peer-reviewed journals?

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