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Course Guides

TitleSubject AreaCourse NumberInstructor
ACS Arab Spring News ResourcesAugustine and Culture SeminarACS 1001Busch, P.
Advanced Topics in AuditingAccountancyMAC 8287Peters, J.
Advertising ManagementMarketing and Business LawMKT 2220-001Bang, H.K.
General BiologyBiologyBIO 2105
General Biology IIBiologyBIO 2106Chapman, S.; Cordero, R.; Dollahon, N.
Business DynamicsBusinessVSB 1015Drago, R.
Business in Emerging MarketsManagement and OperationsMGT 2352-001Doh, J.
BenefitsHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8213Garber, J.; Powell, R.; Kenney, P.
Employment LawHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8215Francesca, A.
HR Metrics and Statistical ResearchHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8006Ksenak; Bush
International Practicum Shanghai-BeijingBusinessMBA 8523Mao, W.
Marketing ResearchMarketing and Business LawMKT 2197Bennett, A.
Classical DramaturgyTheatreTHE 7120-001Phillips, C.
Communication Senior ProjectCommunicationCOM 5050
Qualitative Research in COMCommunicationCOM 4001COM Faculty
Quantitative Methods in COMCommunicationCOM 4002COM Faculty
Theories of Mass CommunicationCommunicationCOM 2300Shyles, L.
CompensationHuman Resources DevelopmentHRD 8212-001Lirio, D.
Competitive Effectiveness DiBiBusinessVSB 2020Klingler & Francioni
Competitive Effectiveness XfinityBusinessVSB 2020Drago, R. & Arvanites, D.
Competitive Effectiveness: IKEABusinessVSB 2020Pirsch, J.
Competitive Effectiveness: Johnson & JohnsonBusinessVSB 2020Cho, Y & Glasgow, J.
Competitive Effectiveness: Reckitt BenckiserBusinessVSB 2020Bank, H.K.
Competitive Effectiveness: The Vanguard GroupBusinessVSB 2020Cho, YN
Consumer Psychology for Optimum Business SolutionsBusinessMBA 8649-004Kozup, J.
Corporate Regulation and ResponsiblitiyBusinessVS 2007Walters, D.
Criminal Justice Research Methods and StatisticsCriminal JusticeCRM 5200Arvanites, T.
Justice & SocietyCriminal JusticeCRM 3001Arvanites, T.
Searching Journals in CriminologyCriminal JusticeCJ 1000Arvanites, Thomas
Senior Seminar in Theory and ResearchCriminal JusticeCRM 6500Welch, K.
Depicting Disability in LiteratureEnglishENG 1975 - 001, 012Fattori, M.
Lab in Group DynamicsCounselingCHR 8655Angelini, F.; Hiralall, A.; Murray, R.
Engineering EntrepreneurshipChemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer EngineeringEGEN 2200Dougherty, E.J. Lee, R.
Engineering Entrepreneurship IIICivil and Environmental EngineeringEGR 3200-001Dougherty, L.
Harlem Renaissance and the Black Arts MovementEnglishENG 1975Bonds, E.
Honors ACS Shakespeare AssignmentAugustine and Culture SeminarHON 1241Staples, C.
How To Read PoetryEnglishENG 2310Sewell, L.
Intro to Creative WritingEnglish2003-001Staples, C.
Jane Austen Then and NowEnglish5000-002Drury, J.
JournalismEnglish2020J. Ross
Legal WritingEnglishENG 2070Graziano, K.
Literary ExperienceEnglish1050-006McCole, M.
Literary Experience - VelezEnglishENG 1050Velez, C.
Literary Experience Summer AAPEnglish1050Bonds, E.
Milton EEBO AssignmentEnglishShohet, L.
ShakespeareEnglishENG 3250Shohet, L.
The Literary ExperienceEnglish1050-008Cherry, C.
The Literary ExperienceEnglish1050-02Fattori, M.
Ways of ReadingEnglish2250-001 Mullen, M.
Ways of ReadingEnglishENG 2250Dailey, A
Ways of Reading: An Introduction to the Methods of Literary StudiesEnglishENG 2250Quigley, M.
Ways of Reading: Lit AnalysisEnglishENG 2250Berthold, M.
Geo. of a Globalizing WorldGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 1002-003/004Leaman, H.
Population GeographyGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 2300Henderson, B.
Global Business ManagementManagement and OperationsMGT 2350Chaudhry, P.
Global Political EconomyEconomics and StatisticsEco 3108 & MBA 8740Wolnicki, M.
Global Practicum DomesticBusiness8920-001Reaves, J.
Great Women PhilosophersPhilosophyPHI 5000Klein
Growing into SustainabilityGeography and the EnvironmentGEV 3000Armon, C. & Stehl, W.
Healthy Living & CaritasAugustine and Culture SeminarACS 1001Carpenter, K.
American Environmental HistoryHistoryHIS 2276-001Martinko, W.
Ancient EmpiresHistoryHIS 1250Diamond, K.
Ancient Near EastHistoryHIS 1250-001Diamond, K.
Contemporary ArtArt HistoryAAH 2009Sullivan, M.
Early American RepublicHistoryHIS 2998Martinko, W.
Early CivilizationsHistoryHIS 1250-001Diamond, K.
European History from Renaissance to ReformationHistoryHIS 3995-001Ricci, E.
Global Environmental HistoryHistoryHIS 1065-001Rosier, P.
History Through TravelHistoryHIS 1165-005Varias, A.
Interpreting ArtArt HistoryAAH 4010McCall, T.
Investigating U.S. HistoryHistoryHIS 2000Talley, G.
Jewish HistoryHistoryHIS 4076Winer, R.
Junior Research SeminarHistoryHIS 5001Steege, P.
Land of Tsars and CommissarsHistoryHIS 1070-001Hartnett, L.
Modern ArchitectureArt HistoryAAH 2005Sullivan, M.
Revolutionary RussiaHistoryHIS 3241Hartnett, L.
Robin HoodHistoryHIS 3995-001Winer, R.
Seminar in Historical MethodologyHistoryHIS 5501-001Steege, P.
Slavery in the Modern WorldHistoryHIS 1150-002Giesberg, J.
Theory and Methods in HistoryHistoryHIS 8850Giesberg, J.
U.S. Civil War Regimental HistoriesHistoryHIS 8026Giesberg, J.
Women & Gender in Europe, 400-1650HistoryHIS 8207Winer, R.
Women in the Ancient WorldHistoryHIS 3095-001Diamond, K.
Honors Humanities SeminarHON 2550Hoskins
Integrated Marketing CampaignsMarketing and Business LawMKT 4132-001Vallen, B.
International MarketingMarketing and Business LawMKT 2280Higgins-McFadden, L.
Marketing AnalyticsMarketing and Business LawMKT 2349-001Pirsch, J.
Marketing ManagementBusiness, Marketing and Business LawMKT 2375Drago, R.
Marketing ResearchMarketing and Business LawMKT 2197Bennett, A.
Marketing, Opportunity Analysis, International Business DevelopmentBusinessMBA SummerKozup, J.
Media Audiences and Audience AnalysisCommunicationCOM 3390: Media Audiences & COM:8322 Audience AnalysisTom Ksiazek
Mobile Device ProgrammingComputing SciencesCSC 5930-001Dougherty, E, Klassner, F. Metzger, S.
Chinese Language ResourcesGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesCHI 1112Huang, S.
Intermediate & Advanced JapaneseGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesJPN 1121-22 & 1131-32Hamada, M.; Walsh, K.
Introductory JapaneseGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesJPN 1111-1112Walsh, K.
Japanese FilmGlobal Interdisciplinary StudiesJPN 2102Nakagawa, M.
Portuguese LanguageRomance Languages and LiteraturesPOR 1112/1122Mann, C.
Spanish Conversation & CompositionRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 1131
Spanish Research SeminarRomance Languages and LiteraturesSPA 3970Poeta, S.
BSN ExpressNursingNUR 1103Gray-Siracusa, K.
Clinical EthicsNursingNUR 8964Ott, B. ; Mendez, J.
NUR1102-001 - Pre-Library Visit Activity - Dr. Teri Capriotti's ClassNursingNUR1102-002Dr. Catherine M. Todd Magel
NUR1102-002 - Pre-Library Visit Activity- Dr. Cathy Todd Magel's ClassNursingNUR1102-002Dr. Catherine M. Todd Magel
NUR1102-003 - Pre-Library Visit Activity- Dr. Ann Scheve's ClassNursingNUR1102-002Dr. Catherine M. Todd Magel
NUR1102-004 - Pre-Library Visit Activity- Dr. Elizabeth Dowdell's ClassNursingNUR1102-002Dr. Catherine M. Todd Magel
NUR1102-010 - Pre-Library Visit Activity- Dr. Jenn Ross's ClassNursingNUR1102-002Dr. Catherine M. Todd Magel
Ocean TravelHistoryHIS 1165-005Varias, A.
Organization TheoryPublic AdministrationMPA 8002Jacobs
Dante and the InfernoAugustine and Culture SeminarHON 1241Staples, C.
Killing the Auteur? Authorship in Contemporary French CinemaRomance Languages and LiteraturesFRE 3970-001Francois Massonnat
Knowledge, Reality, SelfPhilosophyPHI 1000
Modern Art (Barnes)Augustine and Culture SeminarACS 1001McGuire, E.-J.
ModernsAugustine and Culture SeminarACS 1001Lis, E.
Philosophy and FilmPhilosophyPHI 4150-001Rockhill
Social and Political PhilosophyPhilosophyPHI 2400Gabriel Rockhill
The Extended MindPhilosophyPHI-5000Theiner
Political Economy of Development AidEconomics and StatisticsECO 4200-001Kilby, C.
American GovernmentPolitical SciencePSC 1100Weikert, J.; Johannes, J.; Mittleman, J.
Decision MakingPublic AdministrationMPA 8100 - 001Miltenberger, L.
Genocide and Mass KillingPolitical SciencePSC 6900-001Dixon, J.
Immigration LawPolitical SciencePSC 2875-100Beer, D.
International RelationsPolitical SciencePSC 1200Schrad, M.
Legislative BranchPolitical SciencePSC 2120, 8100Johannes, J.
Political Economy of Black AmericaPolitical SciencePSC 2775Pryor, F.
Political ReformPolitical SciencePSC 6900-001Johannes, J.
Public PolicyPublic AdministrationPA 2000-001Miltenberger, L.
Race, Ethnicity & PoliticsPolitical Science3140-001, 8000-001Burge, C.
Research Seminar, Spring 2016Political SciencePSC 1900- 003Johannes
Foundations of Modern PsychologyPsychologyPSY 5150Kurtz
Research Methods in PsychologyPsychologyPSY 2050Brown, M. & Naylor-Emlen, S.
Catholicism in the U.S.Theology and Religious StudiesTHL 2900VanAllen, R.
Faith, Reason, and CultureTheology and Religious StudiesTHL 1000Joanna Patane Scholz
Marriage in the Christian TraditionTheology and Religious StudiesTHL 4400Scholz
Texts in ContextsTheology and Religious StudiesTHL 8480Fitzgerald
Research Methods in EconomicsEconomics and StatisticsECO 3132Kelly, M.
Applied Research in SociologySociologySOC 5400Jones, B.
Social ProblemsSociologySOC 1500Meloney, K.
Strategic Decision MakingBusinessMBA 9529-002Clark, K.
Strategic Information TechnologyInformation SystemsVSB 2006McFarland Metzger, S.
Strategic ManagementManagement and OperationsVSB 4002Glasgow, J.
Strategic MarketingMarketing and Business LawMBA 8650Kozup, J.
Summer Business Institute 2015BusinessSBIPirsh, J. & Drago, R.
Sustainability SeminarGeography and the Environment, HistoryGEV 3001Galgano, F.; Rosier, P.
VSB Fellows OrientationBusiness


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