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Intermediate & Advanced Japanese I

This guide is suggested for students of JPN 1121 & JPN 1131 or those interested in learning Japanese.

PDF available


Enhance your writing skills by selecting from one of these many language sites for katakana and kanji.

Katakana Help

Japanese Writing Tutor: Katakana
GenkiEnglish: Katakana Game
Katakana Timer


JLPT Study Page
JLPT: Sample Questions
Renshuu: Prepare for Japanese Language Proficiency Tests

Kanji Help

KanjiPal: Free Kanji Games
Nihongo-Pro Kanji Explorer: Stroke Counts
Denshi Jisho
Real Kanji
Kanji Alive
Java Kanji Flashcards 500
Japanese Kanji Map
MIT Japanese 1 Kanji Study Material
Online Japanese Tests
Quizlet: Japanese Kanji
Japanese Writing Tutor


Jim Breen's Japanese-English Online Dictionary
Japanese Language : Penn State University
Japanese Language Learning Tools on Web
Language Guide: Japanese Vocabulary Guide
CosCom Japanese Language Service: Learn Japanese on the Web

Fun Stuff

Kanji Numbers (YouTube)
Learn Japanese by Singing
Nihongo Japanese Jeopardy
Quizlet: Japanese

Television, Radio & Newspapers

Challenge yourself both visually and aurally by selecting a site to follow Japan's news.

1179 AM Web Radio
NNN News on Demand 
Radio Station World-Japan
Tokyo Broadcasting System
Yomiuri News LIVE

MIT Japanese Language News and Magazines
NHK News Web Easy
Study Japanese Language through News (Japanese)


Learn more about Japan.

The Tale of Genji : Invitation to World Literature
AJALT Almanac
House of Councillors
Japan Echo (Interactive Journal)
Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period
NIHONShock: Tips on Living

Japanese in Anime & Manga

Hands-on Experience

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Susan Ottignon is the subject librarian for the Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies -- Critical Languages and is available for research consultations, instruction, curricular support & purchase requests.


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