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Printing Quiz Scores in Blackboard

For students in NUR4102&4103

Here's how to print your quiz scores from Blackboard

(See also the helpful video:  http://tinyurl.com/bbgrade)


1. In the Blackboard course, click “My Grades” on the left.




 2. Note that your score in the grade column is a link. If you have taken a quiz multiple times, the score displayed is for the latest attempt. Click it to see grades of all attempts.



3.  You can print your grade for an attempt several ways:

  •  Copy info by left-clicking your mouse and passing it over the data. Then paste it into a Word doc.
  •  Use your browser’s Print function to print out the page.
  •  Use the snipping tool (if you’re using a PC) to take a screen capture and then copy/paste the image.



Be sure to write or type your name at the top of the Word doc before handing it in to your instructor!


For the quizzes Physical Assessment of the Newborn, Gestational Age of the Newborn, and Nursing Assessment of the Postpartum Patient, you will be able to see your responses and an indication of whether your response was correct or not. This will help you in reviewing the material before taking the quiz again. (see below)




Last Modified: Wednesday, May 28th, 2014