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Education Full Text (EBSCO)

This page details a specific electronic resource that has been indicated by Villanova Librarians as useful in conducting research.

Education Full Text (EBSCO)
Education Full Text™ provides full text of articles from over 350 journals as far back as 1996, in addition to indexing of more than 770 periodicals dating back to 1983. Subject coverage includes adult education, multicultural/ethnic education, teaching methods and much more. Content includes in-depth coverage of special education and more than 100,000 controlled and cross-referenced names of educational tests. ERIC, the government education file, can be searched simultaneously by clicking Open Database Selection Area and selecting ERIC.

Pages that contain this Resource


Decision Making


Educational Research

Introduction to Human Services: Principles & Survey of Practices

Locating Course Specific Ethics Articles

Public Administration

Public Policy

Test Instruments in Education

Test Instruments in Nursing

Urban Catholic Education


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