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Art History Slide Collection


Alice E. Bampton
Visual Resources Librarian
Phone : (610) 519-6997


The slide collection is available for use by Villanova faculty and students. Since the collection is filed for the convenience of art historians and is not catalogued it must be used when the slide librarian is present.

The Art History Slide Collection will be closed from July 5 through Nov. 1. For more information contact Alice Bampton, Visual Resources Librarian, 610-519-6997 or Alice.Bampton@villanova.edu.

Scope of the Collection

The Art History Slide Collection contains approximately 44,000 35mm slides. There are approximately 8,000 slides of American art: sculpture, painting, architecture, and miscellaneous works. There is a small collection of prehistoric art, about 6,200 slides of ancient art (Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek, and Roman), and about 21,000 slides of European art from the Middle Ages through the 21st century. There are small collections of history of photography and the history of fashion (Middle Ages on).


A limited number of slides may be borrowed for one day, but patrons may schedule an appointment prior to the day of use to pull slides which will be held for you in the slide library. Slides do not leave campus unless prior arrangements have been made with the slide librarian. The slide library has a small number of carousels which may be borrowed with slides.


The majority of the collection was acquired under the fair use provision of copyright law. Slides are to be used for educational purposes only (lectures, etc.) and may not be reproduced for publication. Slides can be scanned to CD for use if the patron provides the CD and allows adequate time (at least one week).


Last Modified: Wednesday, July 30th, 2014