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Waller, E., & Early English Books Online. (1641). An honorable, and learned speech made by Mr. Waller in Parliament: Against the prelates innovations, false doctrin, and discipline; reproveing the perswation of some clergie-men to his Majestie of inconveniencies: vvho themselves, instead of tilling the ground, are become sowers of tares. VVith a motion for the fundamentall, and vitall liberties of this nation which it was wont to have. [London]: Printed for Richard Smithers.

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Waller, Edmund, and Early English Books Online. An Honorable, and Learned Speech Made By Mr. Waller in Parliament: Against the Prelates Innovations, False Doctrin, and Discipline; Reproveing the Perswation of Some Clergie-men to His Majestie of Inconveniencies: Vvho Themselves, Instead of Tilling the Ground, Are Become Sowers of Tares. VVith a Motion for the Fundamentall, and Vitall Liberties of This Nation Which It Was Wont to Have. [London]: Printed for Richard Smithers, 1641.

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