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Early English Books Online. (1652). The excise-mens lamentation: or, an impeachment in behalf of the Commons of this nation: Against their insulting publicans, and cruell oppressors and extortioners: with their acknowledgment, confession, and testimony, touching their proceedings in each county; and the vast and mighty summes vvich they most wickedly retained: collected by their unlimited power, spungie hearts, and long-stretched consciences. Also, the rising of the Welch-men against a party of them at Monmouth; and the manner how Mr. Crow (the farmer of excise) ran naked into a tub of feathers; where, after a short time, he was taken, and a great oath and charge inflicted upon him. Published for information of the people. London,: printed for G. Horton.

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Early English Books Online. The Excise-mens Lamentation: Or, an Impeachment in Behalf of the Commons of This Nation: Against Their Insulting Publicans, and Cruell Oppressors and Extortioners: With Their Acknowledgment, Confession, and Testimony, Touching Their Proceedings in Each County; and the Vast and Mighty Summes Vvich They Most Wickedly Retained: Collected By Their Unlimited Power, Spungie Hearts, and Long-stretched Consciences. Also, the Rising of the Welch-men against a Party of Them At Monmouth; and the Manner How Mr. Crow (the Farmer of Excise) Ran Naked Into a Tub of Feathers; Where, After a Short Time, He Was Taken, and a Great Oath and Charge Inflicted Upon Him. Published for Information of the People. London,: printed for G. Horton, 1652.

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