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Prynne, W., & Early English Books Online. (1646). A fresh discovery of some prodigious new wandring-blasing-stars, & firebrands, stiling themselves new-lights: Firing our church and state into new combustions. Divided into ten sections, comprising severall most libellous, scandalous, seditious, insolent, uncharitable, (and some blasphemous) passages; published in late unlicensed printed pamphlets, against the ecclesiasticall jurisdiction and power of parliaments, councels, synods, Christian kings and magistrates, in generall; the ordinances and proceedings of this present Parliament, in speciall: the national covenant, assembly, directory, our brethren of Scotland, Presbyterian government; the Church of England, with her ministers, worship; the opposers of independent novelties; ... (The second edition.). London: Printed by John Macock, for Michael Spark, at the sign of the blue Bible in Green Arbour.

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Prynne, William, and Early English Books Online. A Fresh Discovery of Some Prodigious New Wandring-blasing-stars, & Firebrands, Stiling Themselves New-lights: Firing Our Church and State Into New Combustions. Divided Into Ten Sections, Comprising Severall Most Libellous, Scandalous, Seditious, Insolent, Uncharitable, (and Some Blasphemous) Passages; Published in Late Unlicensed Printed Pamphlets, against the Ecclesiasticall Jurisdiction and Power of Parliaments, Councels, Synods, Christian Kings and Magistrates, in Generall; the Ordinances and Proceedings of This Present Parliament, in Speciall: The National Covenant, Assembly, Directory, Our Brethren of Scotland, Presbyterian Government; the Church of England, With Her Ministers, Worship; the Opposers of Independent Novelties; ... The second edition. London: Printed by John Macock, for Michael Spark, at the sign of the blue Bible in Green Arbour, 1646.

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