Text this: The liues of the noble Grecians and Romaines, compared together by that graue learned philosopher and historiographer, Plutarke of Chæronea. Translated out of Greeke into French by Iames Amiot abbot of Bellozane, Bishop of Auxerre, one of the Kings priuie Counsell, and great Amner of France. VVith the liues of Hannibal and of Scipio African: translated out of Latine into French by Charles de l'Escluse, and out of French into English, by Sir Thomas North Knight. Hereunto are also added the liues of Epaminondas, of Philip of Macedon, of Dionysius the elder, tyrant of Sicilia, of Augustus Cæsar, of Plutarke, and of Seneca: with the liues of nine other excellent chiefetaines of warre: collected out of Æmylius Probus, by S.G. S. and Englished by the aforesaid translator