Servant leadership : developments in theory and research /
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Servant leadership : developments in theory and research /

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Other Authors: Dierendonck, Dirk van, 1963-, Patterson, Kathleen, 1967-
Format: Book
Published: Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

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245 0 0 |a Servant leadership :  |b developments in theory and research /  |c edited by Dirk van Dierendonck and Kathleen Patterson. 
260 |a Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire ;  |a New York :  |b Palgrave Macmillan,  |c 2010. 
300 |a xviii, 219 p. :  |b ill. ;  |c 23 cm. 
505 0 0 |g pt. I  |t POSITIONING SERVANT LEADERSHIP --  |g 1.  |t Servant Leadership: An Introduction /  |r Kathleen Patterson --  |t Servant leadership: history and background --  |t Examples of servant leadership --  |t Unique elements in servant leadership --  |t This book --  |t Final words --  |g 2.  |t Servant Leadership and Robert K. Greenleaf's Legacy /  |r Larry C. Spears --  |t Robert K. Greenleaf --  |t concept of servant as leader --  |t What is servant leadership? --  |t How Robert Greenleaf began his work --  |t Characteristics of the servant-leader --  |t Servant leadership in practice --  |t growing movement --  |g 3.  |t Opportunities and Tensions of Servant Leadership /  |r Stephen Prosser --  |t Context --  |t Different emphases of servant leadership --  |t Welcoming opportunities, addressing tensions --  |g 4.  |t Demystifying Servant Leadership /  |r Sen Sendjaya --  |t multidimensional nature of servant leadership --  |t boundary conditions of servant leadership --  |t Conclusion --  |g pt. II  |t BECOMING THE SERVANT-LEADER --  |g 5.  |t Modest History of the Concept of Service as Leadership in Four Religious Traditions /  |r Corne J. Bekker --  |t current turn to spirituality and values-based leadership --  |t Greenleaf's counter-spirituality of service --  |t Max Weber's theory of religious leadership, and the concept of service and leadership in four religious traditions --  |t servant-leader as prophet --  |g 6.  |t Servant Leadership and Love /  |r Kathleen Patterson --  |t basis of love --  |t Leadership and love --  |t Love and the case for virtue --  |t Servant leadership from a love perspective --  |t Conclusion --  |g 7.  |t Consciousness, Forgiveness and Gratitude: The Interior of the Servant-Leader /  |r Shann Ray Ferch --  |t Choosing the right path in life --  |t Choosing our manner of thinking --  |t Choosing our character --  |t Choosing to become a servant-leader --  |t Below-the-line thinking --  |t Above-the-line thinking --  |t nucleus of servant leadership --  |g 8.  |t Motivation to Serve: Understanding the Heart of the Servant-Leader and Servant Leadership Behaviours /  |r Christine S.-K. Koh --  |t Individual differences in leadership research --  |t Motivation-to-serve: a new individual difference construct --  |t Antecedents of motivation-to-serve --  |t Motivation-to-serve: a proximal antecedent of servant leadership --  |t empowering climate as a situational moderator --  |t Integrative propositions --  |t Conclusion --  |g pt. III  |t BUILDING A SERVANT LEADERSHIP CULTURE --  |g 9.  |t Servant Organization /  |r Jim Laub --  |t Expanding Greenleaf's concept of `Institution as servant' --  |t Definitions of `servant leadership' and `servant organization model' --  |t Development of the Organizational Leadership Assessment --  |t Adding the A-P-S Mindset Model --  |t Organizational Leadership Assessment research and the servant organization: a summary --  |t Organizational Leadership Assessment servant organization model and other models on organizational culture: a comparison --  |t Conclusion --  |g 10.  |t Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Servant Leadership /  |r Justin A. Irving --  |t Cultural perspectives on servant leadership --  |t Future directions for the study of servant leadership within the global context --  |t Servant leadership and cross-cultural validity --  |g 11.  |t Servant Leadership Learning Communities® Incubators for Great Places to Work /  |r Duane Trammell --  |t How the idea of a Servant Leadership Learning Community® came into being --  |t servant leadership legacy at TDIndustries --  |t spirit of LUV at Southwest Airlines --  |t Building sustainable servant-led organizations --  |t SLLC® connect SL organizations across the globe --  |g pt. IV  |t SERVANT-LEADERS' INFLUENCE ON FOLLOWERS --  |g 12.  |t Servant Leadership and Follower Need Satisfaction: Where Do We Go From Here? /  |r David M. Mayer --  |t Servant leadership and follower needs --  |t theoretical model linking servant leadership and follower need satisfaction --  |t Future directions for servant leadership research --  |t Conclusion --  |g 13.  |t Enhancing Innovation and Creativity through Servant Leadership /  |r Laurens Rook --  |t What is creativity? --  |t Servant leadership and creativity --  |t business case --  |t Mediating processes --  |t Conclusion --  |g pt. V  |t STUDYING SERVANT LEADERSHIP --  |g 14.  |t Servant Leadership Theory: Development of the Servant Leadership Assessment Instrument /  |r Mihai Bocarnea --  |t Patterson's model of servant leadership --  |t Developing the measure --  |t Current literature review --  |t SLAI and other instruments: a comparison --  |t Conclusion --  |g 15.  |t Place for Qualitative Research Methods in the Study of Servant Leadership /  |r Bruce E. Winston --  |t Ethnographic studies --  |t role of culture --  |t Critical social studies --  |t Phenomenological studies --  |t In-depth interviews --  |t Focus groups --  |t Exemplar case studies --  |t Grounded theory --  |t Observational studies in different environmental contexts --  |t Issues in qualitative research --  |t Conclusion. 
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