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The handbook of critical intercultural communication /

"The Handbook of Critical Intercultural Communication aims to furnish scholars with a consolidated resource of works that highlights all aspects of the field, its historical inception, logics, terms, and possibilities."--

Other Authors: Nakayama, Thomas K., Halualani, Rona Tamiko.
Format: Book
Published: Chichester, West Sussex, U.K. ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.
Series:Handbooks in communication and media.
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Table of Contents:
  • Critical Intercultural Communication Studies: At a Crossroads /
  • Rona Tamiko Halualani and Thomas K. Nakayama.
  • Part 1: Critical Junctures and Reflections In Our Field: A Revisiting.
  • Writing the Intellectual History of Intercultural Communication /
  • Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz
  • Critical Reflections on Culture and Critical Intercultural Communication /
  • Dreama G. Moon
  • Reflecting Upon "Enlarging Conceptual Boundaries: A Critique of Research in Intercultural Communication" /
  • Alberto González
  • Intercultural Communication Dialectics Revisited /
  • Judith N. Martin and Thomas K. Nakayama
  • Reflections on "Problematizing 'Nation' in Intercultural Communication Research" /
  • Kent A. Ono
  • Reflections on "Bridging Paradigms: How Not to Throw Out the Baby of Collective Representation with the Functionalist Bathwater in Critical Intercultural Communication" /
  • S. Lily Mendoza
  • Revisiting the Borderlands of Critical Intercultural Communication /
  • Leda Cooks
  • Expanding the Circumference of Intercultural Communication Study /
  • William J. Starosta and Guo-Ming Chen.
  • Part 2: Critical Dimensions in Intercultural Communication Studies
  • Internationalizing critical race communication studies: Transnationality, Space, and Affect /
  • Raka Shome
  • Re-imagining Intercultural Communication in the Context of Globalization /
  • Kathryn Sorrells
  • Culture as Text and Culture as Theory: Asiacentricity and Its Raison D'être in Intercultural Communication Research /
  • Yoshitaka Miike
  • Entering the Inter: Power Lines in Intercultural Communication /
  • Aimee Carrillo Rowe
  • Speaking of Difference: Language, Inequality and Interculturality /
  • Crispin Thurlow
  • Speaking Against the Hegemony of English: Problems, Ideologies and Solutions /
  • Yukio Tsuda
  • Coculturation: Toward A Critical Theoretical Framework of Cultural Adjustment /
  • Melissa L. Curtin
  • Public memories in the shadow of the Other: Divided memories and national identity /
  • Jolanta A. Drzewiecka
  • Critical Intercultural Communication, Remembrances of George Washington Williams, and the Rediscovery of Leopold II's "Crimes Against Humanity" /
  • Marouf Hasian.
  • Part 3: Critical Topics in Intercultural Communication Studies.
  • Situating Gender in Critical Intercultural Communication Studies /
  • Lara Lengel and Scott C. Martin
  • Identity and Difference: Race and the necessity of the discriminating subject /
  • Ronald L. Jackson II and Jamie Moshin
  • Br(other) in the Classroom: Testimony, Reflection, and Cultural Negotiation /
  • Bryant Keith Alexander
  • When Frankness Goes Funky: Afro-Proxemics Meets Western Polemics at the Border of the Suburb /
  • Jim Perkinson
  • Iterative hesitancies and Latinidad: The reverberances of raciality /
  • Bernadette Marie Calafell and Shane Moreman
  • We Got Game: Race, Masculinity, and Civilization in Professional Team Sport /
  • Lisa A. Flores, Karen Lee Ashcraft, and Tracy Marafiote
  • It Really Isn't About You: Whiteness and the Dangers of Thinking You Got It /
  • John T. Warren
  • Critical Reflections on a Pedagogy of Ability /
  • Deanna L. Fassett
  • The Scarlet Letter, Vigilantism, and the Politics of Sadism /
  • Richard Morris
  • Authenticity and Identity in the Portable Homeland /
  • Victoria Chen
  • Layers of Nikkei: Japanese Diaspora and World War II /
  • Etsuko Kinefuchi
  • Placing South Asian Digital Diasporas in Second life /
  • Radhika Gajjala
  • "The Creed of the White Kid": A Diss-apology /
  • Melissa Steyn
  • A Critical Reflection on an Intercultural Communication Workshop: Mexicans and Taiwanese Working on the U.S.-Mexico Border /
  • Hsin-I Cheng
  • "Quit Whining and Tell Me About Your Experiences!": (In)Tolerance, Pragmatism, and Muting in Intergroup Dialogue /
  • Sarah DeTurk
  • A Proposal for Concerted Collaboration between Critical Scholars of Intercultural and Organizational Communication /
  • Brenda J. Allen.
  • Part 4: Critical Visions of Intercultural Communication Studies.
  • Conclusion: Envisioning the Pathway(s) of Critical Intercultural Communication Studies /
  • Thomas K. Nakayama and Rona Tamiko Halualani.