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"FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE BESTSELLING BIOGRAPHIES OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN AND ALBERT EINSTEIN, THIS IS THE EXCLUSIVE BIOGRAPHY OF STEVE JOBS. Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years--as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, adversaries, c...

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Main Author: Isaacson, Walter
Format: Book
Published: New York : Simon & Schuster, 2011.
Edition:1st Simon & Schuster hardcover ed.

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Table of Contents:
  • Ch. 1. Childhood: abandoned and chosen
  • Ch. 2. Odd couple: the two Steves
  • Ch. 3. The dropout: turn on, tune in
  • Ch. 4. Atari and India: Zen and the art of game design
  • Ch. 5. The Apple I: turn on, boot up, jack in
  • Ch. 6. The Apple II: dawn of a new age
  • Ch. 7. Chrisann and Lisa: he who is abandoned
  • Ch. 8. Xerox and Lisa: graphical user interfaces
  • Ch. 9. Going public: a man of wealth and fame
  • Ch. 10. The Mac is born: you say you want a revolution
  • Ch. 11. The reality distortion field: playing by his own set of rules
  • Ch. 12. The design: real artists simplify
  • Ch. 13. Building the Mac: the journey is the reward
  • Ch. 14. Enter Sculley: the Pepsi challenge
  • Ch. 15. The launch: a dent in the universe
  • Ch. 16. Gates and Jobs: when orbits intersect
  • Ch. 17. Icarus: what goes up
  • Ch. 18. NeXT: Prometheus unbound
  • Ch. 19. Pixar: technology meets art
  • Ch. 20. A regular guy: love is just a four-letter word
  • Ch. 21. Family man: at home with the Jobs clan
  • Ch. 22. Toy story: Buzz and Woody to the rescue
  • Ch. 23. The second coming: what rough beast, its hour come round at last
  • Ch. 24. The restoration: the loser now will be later to win
  • Ch. 25. Think different: Jobs as iCEO
  • Ch. 26. Design principles: the studio of Jobs and Ive
  • Ch. 27. The iMac: hello (again)
  • Ch. 28. CEO: still crazy after all these years
  • Ch. 29. Apple stores: genius bars and siena sandstone
  • Ch. 30. The digital hub: from iTunes to the iPod
  • Ch. 31. The iTunes store: I'm the Pied Piper
  • Ch. 32. Music man: the sound track of his life
  • Ch. 33. Pixar's friends
  • and foes
  • Ch. 34. Twenty-first-century Macs: setting Apple apart
  • Ch. 35. Round one: Memento mori
  • Ch. 36. The iPhone: three revolutionary products in one
  • Ch. 37. Round two: the cancer recurs
  • Ch. 38. The iPad: into the post-PC era
  • Ch. 39. New battles: and echoes of old ones
  • Ch. 40. To infinity: the cloud, the spaceship, and beyond
  • Ch. 41. Round three: the twilight struggle
  • Ch. 42. Legacy: the brightest heaven of invention.