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Zlotowitz, G., Schorr, Y. S., & Malinowitz, C. (2000). Talmud Bavli: The Schottenstein daf yomi edition : the Gemara : the classic Vilna edition, with an annotated, interpretive elucidation, as an aid to Talmud study (Daf yomi edition.). Brooklyn, NY: Mesorah Publications.

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Zlotowitz, Gedaliah., Yisroel Simcha Schorr, and Chaim Malinowitz. Talmud Bavli: The Schottenstein Daf Yomi Edition : The Gemara : The Classic Vilna Edition, With an Annotated, Interpretive Elucidation, As an Aid to Talmud Study. Daf yomi edition. Brooklyn, NY: Mesorah Publications, 2000.

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