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The philosopher's stone for sustainability proceedings of the 4th CIRP International Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems, Tokyo, Japan, November 8th-9th, 2012 /

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Corporate Authors: CIRP IPS2 Conference Tokyo, Japan), SpringerLink (Online service)
Other Authors: Kimita, Koji., Shimomura, Yoshiki.
Format: Online Conference Proceeding Book
Published: Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2013.
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111 2 |a CIRP IPS2 Conference  |n (4th :  |d 2012 :  |c Tokyo, Japan) 
245 1 4 |a The philosopher's stone for sustainability  |h [electronic resource] :  |b proceedings of the 4th CIRP International Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems, Tokyo, Japan, November 8th-9th, 2012 /  |c Yoshiki Shimomura and Koji Kimita (eds.). 
260 |a Berlin ;  |a New York :  |b Springer,  |c c2013. 
300 |a 1 online resource. 
500 |a International conference proceedings. 
505 0 0 |t Service Innovation in the Age of Sustainability /  |r Hiroyuki Yoshikawa --  |t Planning and Development of Industrial Product-Service Systems /  |r H. Meier --  |t New Dynamism in the Manufacturing Industry: Value-Sharing "Monozukuri" /  |r Botaro Hirosaki --  |t Functional Product Development: Criteria for Selection of Design Methods on Strategic and Operational Levels /  |r John Lindström, Daria Plankina, Håkan Lideskog, Magnus Löfstrand and Lennart Karlsson --  |t Modeling and Visualization of Product-Service Systems for Success of Business /  |r T. Kasamatsu, T. Koga and K. Kaminisi --  |t Modularization of Products and Services for Configuring Product-Service Systems /  |r C. Mannweiler and J. C. Aurich --  |t Developing New (Industrial) Product Service Systems with a Case-based Reasoning Approach /  |r K. Kuntzky and C. Herrmann --  |t A Knowledge-Based Design Support Method for Product-Service Contents Design /  |r Yutaro Nemoto, Fumiya Akasaka and Yoshiki Shimomura --  |t Attribute Based Product-Service System Design: Aerospace Case Study /  |r J. A. Erkoyuncu, R. Roy and A. Harrison --  |t PSS-CAD: An Approach to the Integrated Product and Service Development /  |r E. Uhlmann and H. Bochnig -- 
505 8 0 |t An Ontology-based Approach for Product-Service System Design /  |r S. Akmal, R. Batres and L. H. Shih --  |t Element Visualization ElViz: Graphical Representation of Planning-Relevant Dependencies between PSS-Elements /  |r R. Orawski, D. Kammerl, S. A. Schenkl, C. Hepperle and M. Mörtl --  |t Domain Allocation in the Fuzzy Front End of IPS2 Development using Gamestorming /  |r M. Köster and T. Sadek --  |t Intangibles in Design of PSS Value Propositions /  |r M. Panarotto, Å. Ericson and T. C. Larsson --  |t How is Uncertainty Perceived and Managed in Design by PSS Providers? - Relation to PSS Types Provided /  |r Allan Ashok Kumar, Giang Chau Trinh and Tomohiko Sakao --  |t Management of Flexibility in IPS2-Business-Relationships /  |r Marion Steven and Solmaz Alevifard --  |t Antecedents to the Successful Coordination of IPS2 Networks - A Dynamic Capability Perspective on Complex Work Systems in the Engineering Sector. /  |r Kai Externbrink, Uta Wilkens and Antje Lienert --  |t Knowledge-Sharing Network for Product-Service System Development: Is it atypical? /  |r K. Chirumalla, A. Bertoni, Å. Ericson and O. Isaksson --  |t Service-Oriented Cost Uncertainties and Contracting for Availability /  |r J. A. Erkoyuncu, C. Durugbo and R. Roy -- 
505 8 0 |t Analyzing Purchase Rate and Behavior Indices for Souvenir Shopping at a Tourist Site /  |r Mitsuo Shimohata, Hiroyuki Miki, Naotsune Hosono and Shigeo Tachibana --  |t A Service Demand Forecasting Method using a Customer Classification Model /  |r H. Koshiba, T. Takenaka and Y. Motomura --  |t Green Design for Baby Stroller from Product Service System Standpoint /  |r Yun-Sian Jhang and Jui-Che Tu --  |t Requirements Engineering for Servitization in Manufacturing Service Ecosystems (MSEE) /  |r S. Wiesner, M. Peruzzini, G. Doumeingts and K. -D. Thoben --  |t A Service Flow Simulation Method Using Multi-aspect Scene Transition Nets (STNs) Modeling /  |r Takeshi Tateyama, Koji Kimita, Kentaro Watanabe, Ryosuke Chiba and Yoshiki Shimomura --  |t Developing Robust PSS Offerings /  |r A. Dill, J. Mathias, A. Bohn and H. Birkhofer --  |t Membership-type Services in Manufacturing: Experiments with Human Subject and Multi-agent Simulation /  |r Keisuke Okuda and Nariaki Nishino --  |t IPS2 Control System for the Integrated Support of Service Processes /  |r E. Uhlmann and N. Raue --  |t Design of Cooperative Service Process for Effective PSS Development /  |r Kentaro Watanabe and Yoshiki Shimomura -- 
505 8 0 |t Antecedents of Value Co-Creation in B2B Networks /  |r Tiina Valjakka, Minna Kansola, Taru Hakanen and Katri Valkokari --  |t Design and Engineering of Dynamic Business Models for Industrial Product-Service Systems /  |r H. Meier and M. Bo⁸lau --  |t A Road Map for Future Research on Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS2): A Systematic Review /  |r S. I. Cedergren, S. W. Elfving, J. Eriksson and V. Parida --  |t An Ontology of Business Models for Industrial Product-Service Systems /  |r M. Rese, H. Meier, J. Gesing and M. Bo⁸lau --  |t Planning Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Process Chains - an Innovative Approach for an Industrial Product-Service System /  |r J. Wewiór, M. Swat, G. Seliger and D. Bähre --  |t Sustainable IPS2-Business Models for Galvanizing High Quality Sanitary Fittings /  |r M. Herzog and T. Sadek --  |t A Workshop Method for Identifying Information Flows in IPS2 /  |r D. Beverungen, E. Uhlmann, C. Stelzer, N. Raue and C. Gabriel, et al. --  |t Essay Regarding the B2B Type Manufacturer's Service Productivity Improvement Building upon Interactions between Service Employees, Customers and Products /  |r K. Kamigaki and M. Matsumoto -- 
505 8 0 |t Car and Ride Sharing Concept as a Product Service System - Simulation as a Tool to Reduce Environmental Impacts /  |r K. Kuntzky, S. Wittke and C. Herrmann --  |t Promoting Reuse of Mechanical Parts Using Part Agents /  |r Hiroyuki Hiraoka, Tatsuro Ueno, Masayuki Arita, Yusuke Shigeji and Kazuki Horii, et al. --  |t A Review of Maturity Models and their Application to PSS: Towards a PSS Maturity Model /  |r R. Karni and M. Kaner --  |t Integration of TRIZ Problem Solving Tools in a Product-Service Engineering Process /  |r Daniele Regazzoni, Giuditta Pezzotta, Stefano Persico, Sergio Cavalieri and Caterina Rizzi --  |t LCCA and TCO: a How-to Approach to Assess the Costs in the Customer's Eye /  |r M. Rapaccini, I. Porcelli, N. Saccani, L. Cinquini and A. Lugarà --  |t IPS2 Design Process: A Comparative Study between Literature and Industrial Approaches /  |r G. V. Annamalai Vasantha, R. Hussain, R. Roy and J. A. Erkoyuncu --  |t Real-time Task Accomplishment Simulation for Error Recognition in IPS2 /  |r Michael Beckmann, Ulaş Yılmaz, Gloria Pöhler and Anne Wegerich --  |t Requirements for Transfer and Application of IPS2 Resource Planning - Case-Study of a Global Machine Tool Manufacturer /  |r H. Meier, H. Lagemann and T. Dorka -- 
505 8 0 |t Development Strategy of Service Engineering for Retail and Restaurant Services /  |r T. Takenaka, H. Koshiba and Y. Motomura --  |t Productivity and Quality Assessment of Services Within Technical Product-Service Systems /  |r S. Waltemode and J. C. Aurich --  |t Proposal of Handing-over Support System for Nursing-Care Service with Service Engineering Approach /  |r H. Miwa, M. Nakajima, T. Fukuhara and T. Nishimura --  |t Innovating Product-Service Systems Through Augmented Reality: a Selection Model /  |r I. Porcelli, M. Rapaccini, D. B. Espíndola and C. E. Pereira --  |t Supporting System for Tour Lineup Design based on Tour Service Modeling /  |r K. Oizumi, Y. Meguro, C. X. Wu and K. Aoyama --  |t Managing Service Requirements Engineering: The Role of Information Systems /  |r C. Durugbo and J. A. Erkoyuncu --  |t A Flight Rescheduling Support System based on the Modeling of Flight Service /  |r Wu Chen Xi and Kazuhiro Aoyama --  |t Teamwork Assist System Proposal for Nursing-care Services Realizing Workplace Knowledge Sharing /  |r T. Nishimura, T. Fukuhara, K. C. Yamada, M. Hamasaki and M. Nakajima, et al. --  |t Development and Changes in the Industrial Product Service Systems - A Case Study of the Photocopier PSS /  |r M. Matsumoto and K. Kamigaki -- 
505 8 0 |t Managing Transition Towards PSS: a Production System Simulation Approach /  |r M. Chalal, X. Boucher, G. Marques and M. A. Girard --  |t Influences of Production Equipment in IPS2 Use Phase Organization of Tools as an IPS2 Service Share /  |r E. Uhlmann, C. Gabriel and C. Stelzer --  |t Clarifying Frontiers of PSS and Information and Communication Technologies /  |r A. Lelah and D. Brissaud --  |t Towards Establishing Mass Customization Methods for Cloud-Compliant Services /  |r Shigeru Hosono and Yoshiki Shimomura --  |t Knowledge-Based Multimodal User Support to Increase Availability in Industrial Product-Service Systems /  |r J. Wewiór, U. Schmuntzsch, G. Seliger and M. Rötting --  |t Improving Maintenance Services for Machine Tools by Integrating Specific Software Functions /  |r E. Uhlmann, F. Otto and C. Geisert --  |t Simulation Driven Design for Product-Service Systems /  |r O. Isaksson, T. C. Larsson, M. Kokkolaras and M. Bertoni --  |t Research on Customer Value in PSS Design for Design Driving and Concept Evaluating /  |r Xiuli Geng and Xuening Chu --  |t Warnings and Instructions as Key Elements for Integrated User Support in IPS2 /  |r U. Schmuntzsch, C. Sturm, R. Reichmuth and M. Roetting -- 
505 8 0 |t PSS For Preventing Product Imitation /  |r S. A. Schenkl, D. Schneider, M. Mörtl and U. Lindemann --  |t Mechanism of Decision Making in Membership Services under Competitive Circumstances /  |r Ryohei Kitagawa and Nariaki Nishino --  |t Condition Monitoring of Industrial Product Service Systems - Helpful Selling Argument or Potential Marketing Pitfall? /  |r M. Rese and J. Everhartz --  |t Adaptation of the Service Self Checklist for Industrial Product-Service Systems /  |r F. Akasaka, H. N. Nguyen, Y. Nemoto, B. Lenz and Y. Shimomura, et al. --  |t Analysis of Critical Success Factors for PSS Implementation into B2B Operations /  |r B. Lazzarotto, M. Borchardt, G. Pereira, M. Sellitto and C. Almeida --  |t Industrial Product-Service Systems (IPS2) as an integrative tool to combine product and service parts - Consequences for the pricing of services and the impact of volatile revenues on the investment behavior of an IPS2-provider /  |r J. Keine and M. Steven --  |t A Method for Supporting Service Cost Analysis /  |r Y. Kurita, K. Uei, K. Kimita and Y. Shimomura --  |t Quantifying the Economic Potential of a PSS: Methodology and Case Study /  |r Joris Van Ostaeyen, Karel Kellens, Adriaan Van Horenbeek and Joost R. Duflou --  |t Reference Marketing for Industrial Product Service Systems /  |r M. Rese, D. Pick and K. Maiwald. 
505 8 0 |t Selling Product-Service Systems Means Selling Change /  |r M. Rese, K. Maiwald and J. Gesing --  |t Collaborative Product/Service-Systems - On Conceptualisation of PSS Offerings and Business Nets /  |r K. Mougaard, L. Neugebauer, T. C. McAloone, N. Bey and J. B. Andersen --  |t Step-by-step Towards PSS - Evaluating, Deciding and Executing /  |r L. Neugebauer, K. Mougaard, T. McAloone, J. B. Andersen and N. Bey --  |t A Customers' Satisfaction Based Framework for Continuous Development of PSS /  |r Felix Ng, Jenny Harding and Emma Rosamond --  |t Designing a Complex Service System in the Context of Factory Planning /  |r G. Schuh, A. Kampker, P. Jussen, A. Meckelnborg and P. Burggräf --  |t Transformation Towards an IPS2 Business: A Deployment Approach for Process-based PSS Development Projects /  |r Hoai Nam Nguyen, Patrick Müller and Rainer Stark --  |t Analyzing Customers Expectation on Service for Encouraging Participatory Design /  |r S. Shimada, J. Ota and T. Hara --  |t Design for Customer - Sustainable Customer Integration based upon a Customer-driven Solution Configurator /  |r Alexander Burger and Jivka Ovtcharova --  |t Product Service System Challenges within Telecommunication: Reaching the Era of Mutual Dependency /  |r S. W. Elfving and N. Urquhart -- 
505 8 0 |t Turning Internal Product Knowledge into External Service Offers: Building PSS Capabilities /  |r J. Wallin --  |t A Simulation Method of Dynamic Systems Applied to Backcasting Scenario Design /  |r H. Komoto, K. Masui and S. Kondoh --  |t Environmental Benefits of PSS Strategies: A Bicycle Sharing System Case Study /  |r Jorge Amaya, Alan Lelah and Peggy Zwolinski --  |t Formalizing Scenario Design Processes to Plan Long-term Business Strategies for Sustainability /  |r Y. Kishita, M. Hirosaki, Y. Mizuno, H. Wada and S. Fukushige, et al. --  |t Life Cycle Oriented Prevention of Product Piracy in Technical Product-Service Systems /  |r C. Bohr, J. -N. Kranz and J. C. Aurich --  |t Resource Consumption in Additive Manufacturing with a PSS Approach /  |r N. Nopparat, B. Kianian, A. W. Thompson and T. C. Larsson --  |t Reuse/Sharing Business Design Method Considering the Difficulties for Product Transfer /  |r Shinsuke Kondoh and Hitoshi Komoto --  |t Innovative Design and Assessment of Low-carbon Emission Concept Product Service Systems /  |r J. L. Chen and Y. Liu --  |t A Method for Selecting Delivery Modes in Environmentally Benign Product Service System Design /  |r E. Matsumoto, J. Ohtake, J. Okada and S. Takata -- 
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