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Business ethics : readings and cases in corporate mortality /

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Format: Book
Published: Hoboken, New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons, 2014.
Edition:5th edition.
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245 0 0 |a Business ethics :  |b readings and cases in corporate mortality /  |c edited by W. Michael Hoffman, Robert E. Frederick, Mark S. Schwartz. 
250 |a 5th edition. 
264 1 |a Hoboken, New Jersey :  |b John Wiley & Sons,  |c 2014. 
300 |a xiii, 758 pages ;  |c 25 cm 
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505 0 0 |a Machine generated contents note:   |t Introduction --   |g 1.  |t Theories of Economic Justice --   |t Justice as Fairness --   |t Distributive Justice /  |r John Rawls --   |t Distributive Justice and Utilitarianism /  |r Robert Nozick --   |t "Invisible Hand" /  |r J.J.C. Smart --   |t Corporate Ethics in a Devilish System /  |r Jan Narveson --   |t Questions for Discussion /  |r Kent Greenfield --   |g 2.  |t Ethics and Business Decision Making /  |r Kent Greenfield --   |t Teaching Ethical Decision Making and Principled Reasoning /  |r Kent Greenfield --   |t Business Ethics and Moral Motivation: A Criminological Perspective /  |r Michael Josephson --   |t Ethical Leadership and the Psychology of Decision Making /  |r Joseph Heath --   |t Cost-Benefit Analysis: An Ethical Critique /  |r David M. Messick /  |r Max H. Bazerman --   |t Cost-Benefit Analysis Defended /  |r Steven Kelman --   |t Questions for Discussion /  |r Herman B. Leonard /  |r Richard J. Zeckhauser --   |t Cases for Part 1 /  |r Herman B. Leonard /  |r Richard J. Zeckhauser --   |t Mini-Cases /  |r Herman B. Leonard /  |r Richard J. Zeckhauser --   |t MBA Student Mini-Dilemmas /  |r Herman B. Leonard /  |r Richard J. Zeckhauser --   |t Cases /  |r Herman B. Leonard /  |r Richard J. Zeckhauser --   |t Parable of the Sadhu /  |r Herman B. Leonard /  |r Richard J. Zeckhauser --   |t Ford Pinto /  |r Bowen H. McCoy --   |t Analyst's Dilemma (A) /  |r W. Michael Hoffman --   |t Walk Away From Your Mortgage! /  |r Joseph L. Badaracco Jr /  |r Jerry Useem --   |t Ok Tedi Copper Mine /  |r Roger Lowenstein --   |t Introduction /  |r Manuel G. Velasquez --   |g 3.  |t Agency, Legitimacy, and Responsibility /  |r Manuel G. Velasquez --   |t Can a Corporation Have a Conscience? /  |r Manuel G. Velasquez --   |t Is Business Bluffing Ethical? /  |r Kenneth E. Goodpaster /  |r John B. Matthews Jr --   |t Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits /  |r Albert Z. Carr --   |t Stakeholder Theory of the Modern Corporation /  |r Milton Friedman --   |t Ethics in Business: Two Skeptical Challenges /  |r R. Edward Freeman --   |t Commentary on the Social Responsibility of Corporate Entities: Bad and Not-so-Bad Arguments for Shareholder Primacy /  |r Robert E. Frederick --   |t Questions for Discussion /  |r Lynn A. Stout --   |g 4.  |t Corporate Governance and Accountability /  |r Lynn A. Stout --   |t Who Rules the Corporation? /  |r Lynn A. Stout --   |t Power and Accountability: The Changing Role of the Corporate Board of Directors /  |r Ralph Nader /  |r Mark Green /  |r Joel Seligman --   |t Who Should Control the Corporation? /  |r Irving S. Shapiro --   |t Tone at the Top: An Ethics Code for Directors? /  |r Henry Mintzberg --   |t Do CEOs Get Paid Too Much? /  |r Mark S. Schwartz /  |r Thomas W. Dunfee /  |r Michael J. Kline --   |t Questions for Discussion /  |r Jeffrey Moriarty --   |t Cases for Part 2 /  |r Jeffrey Moriarty --   |t Mini-Cases /  |r Jeffrey Moriarty --   |t MBA Student Mini-Dilemmas /  |r Jeffrey Moriarty --   |t Cases /  |r Jeffrey Moriarty --   |t Fire Destroys Malden Mills /  |r Jeffrey Moriarty --   |t Anonymous /  |r Jeffrey Moriarty --   |t Merck & Co., Inc. (A) /  |r Jeffrey Moriarty --   |t Bailouts and Bonuses on Wall Street /  |r David Bollier /  |r Stephanie Weiss --   |t Citigroup's Chief Rebuffed on Pay by Shareholders /  |r Kirsten Martin /  |r Michael Scotto --   |t Introduction /  |r Jessica Silver-Greenberg /  |r Nelson D. Schwartz --   |g 5.  |t Employee Rights and Duties /  |r Jessica Silver-Greenberg /  |r Nelson D. Schwartz --   |t Employee Rights /  |r Jessica Silver-Greenberg /  |r Nelson D. Schwartz --   |t Human Rights, Workers' Rights, and the "Right" to Occupational Safety /  |r Ronald Duska --   |t Whistle-Blowing /  |r Tibor R. Machan --   |t Morality of Whistleblowing: A Commentary on Richard T. De George /  |r Richard T. De George --   |t Conflicts of Interest /  |r W. Michael Hoffman /  |r Mark S. Schwartz --   |t Moral Problem in Insider Trading /  |r Thomas L. Carson --   |t Questions for Discussion /  |r Alan Strudler --   |g 6.  |t Modern Workplace: Obligations and Limits /  |r Alan Strudler --   |t Kantian Theory of Meaningful Work /  |r Alan Strudler --   |t Organization of Work in the Company and Family Rights of the Employees /  |r Norman E. Bowie --   |t Workplace Wars: How Much Should I be Required to Meet the Needs of Your Children? /  |r Domènec Melé --   |t Discrimination, Harassment, and the Glass Ceiling: Women Executives as Change Agents /  |r Claudia Mills --   |t Debate Over the Prohibition of Romance in the Workplace /  |r Jennifer M. Sequeira /  |r Mary E. McLaughlin /  |r Myrtle P. Bell --   |t Questions for Discussion /  |r Colin Boyd --   |t Cases for Part 3 /  |r Colin Boyd --   |t Mini-Cases /  |r Colin Boyd --   |t MBA Student Mini-Dilemmas /  |r Colin Boyd --   |t Cases /  |r Colin Boyd --   |t Case of the Mismanaged Ms. /  |r Colin Boyd --   |t Heineken NV: Workplace HIV/AIDS Programs in Africa (A) /  |r Sally Seymour --   |t Banking: A Crack in the Swiss Vault /  |r Daniella Ballou /  |r Diana Barrett --   |t Will Rewards for Whistleblowers Encourage Ethical Behavior? /  |r Keith Sharman /  |r Andy Court --   |t Boeing Chief is Ousted after Admitting Affair /  |r Matthew Gilley /  |r W. Michael Hoffman --   |t Abuse Scandal Inquiry Damns Paterno and Penn State /  |r Leslie Wayne --   |t Timeline: The Penn State Scandal /  |r Ken Belson --   |t You've Been Tagged! (Then Again, Maybe Not): Employers and Facebook /  |r Ford Fessenden /  |r Justin Sablich /  |r Alan McLean --   |t Introduction /  |r William P. Smith /  |r Deborah L. Kidder --   |g 7.  |t Consumer /  |r William P. Smith /  |r Deborah L. Kidder --   |t Dependence Effect /  |r William P. Smith /  |r Deborah L. Kidder --   |t Non Sequitur of the "Dependence Effect" /  |r John Kenneth Galbraith --   |t Ethics of Consumer Protection /  |r F.A. von Hayek --   |t Marketing and the Vulnerable /  |r Manuel G. Velasquez --   |t Questions for Discussion /  |r George G. Brenkert --   |g 8.  |t Environment and Sustainability /  |r George G. Brenkert --   |t Morality, Money, and Motor Cars /  |r George G. Brenkert --   |t Business and Environmental Ethics /  |r Norman Bowie --   |t Creating Sustainable Value /  |r W. Michael Hoffman --   |t Rethinking the Concept of Sustainability /  |r Stuart L. Hart /  |r Mark B. Milstein --   |t Questions for Discussion /  |r Alexis J. Bañon Gomis /  |r Manuel Guillén Parra /  |r W. Michael Hoffman /  |r Robert E. McNulty --   |g 9.  |t International Business /  |r Alexis J. Bañon Gomis /  |r Manuel Guillén Parra /  |r Robert E. McNulty /  |r W. Michael Hoffman --   |t Ethical Dilemmas for Multinational Enterprise:A Philosophical Overview /  |r Alexis J. Bañon Gomis /  |r W. Michael Hoffman /  |r Manuel Guillén Parra /  |r Robert E. McNulty --   |t International Business, Morality, and the Common Good /  |r Richard T. De George --   |t Values in Tension: Ethics Away from Home /  |r Manuel G. Velasquez --   |t Case for Leveraged-Based Corporate Human Rights Responsibility /  |r Thomas Donaldson --   |t What's Wrong with Bribery /  |r Stepan Wood --   |t Capitalism with a Human Face: The UN Global Compact /  |r Scott Turow --   |t Questions for Discussion /  |r Klaus M. Leisinger --   |t Cases for Part 4 /  |r Klaus M. Leisinger --   |t Mini-Cases /  |r Klaus M. Leisinger --   |t MBA Student Mini-Dilemmas /  |r Klaus M. Leisinger --   |t Cases /  |r Klaus M. Leisinger --   |t Ethics of Marketing: Nestle's Infant Formula /  |r Klaus M. Leisinger --   |t TransAuto Corporation Trade-offs /  |r James E. Post --   |t Sony Online Entertainment: EverQuest® or EverCrack? /  |r Mark S. Schwartz --   |t Dicing with Death? A Case Study of Guidant Corporation's Implantable Defibrillator Business /  |r Judith W. Spain /  |r Gina Vega --   |t Chiquita Accused of Funding Colombia Terrorists /  |r Martin E. Sandbu --   |t Wal-Mart Hushed Up a Vast Mexican Bribery Case /  |r Curt Anderson --   |t Yahoo! and Google in China /  |r David Barstow --   |t Google Softens Tone on China /  |r John M. Kline --   |t Introduction /  |r Amir Efrati /  |r Loretta Chao --   |g 10.  |t Challenges and Emerging Issues /  |r Amir Efrati /  |r Loretta Chao --   |t What's the Matter with Business Ethics? /  |r Amir Efrati /  |r Loretta Chao --   |t Developing and Sustaining an Ethical Corporate Culture: The Core Elements /  |r Andrew Stark --   |t Ethics Officer as Agent of the Board: Leveraging Ethical Governance Capability in the Post-Enron Corporation /  |r Mark S. Schwartz --   |t Can a Company be Too Ethical? /  |r W. Michael Hoffman /  |r Mark Rowe --   |t God as a Managerial Stakeholder? /  |r Andrew W. Singer --   |t Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid /  |r Mark S. Schwartz --   |t Questions for Discussion /  |r Stuart L. Hart /  |r C.K. Prahalad --   |t Business Ethics in Hollywood Movies /  |r C.K. Prahalad /  |r Stuart L. Hart --   |t Cases for Part 5 /  |r Mark S. Schwartz --   |t Mini-Cases /  |r Mark S. Schwartz --   |t Cases /  |r Mark S. Schwartz --   |t Global Corporation: Running a Global Ethics and Compliance Program /  |r Mark S. Schwartz --   |t Barrick's Tanzanian Project Tests Ethical Mining Policies /  |r Lisa A. Stewart --   |t Ethical Approach to Crisis Management /  |r Geoffrey York. 
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650 0 |a Business ethics. 
650 0 |a Business ethics  |v Case studies. 
700 1 |a Hoffman, W. Michael,  |e editor of compilation. 
700 1 |a Frederick, Robert,  |e editor of compilation. 
700 1 |a Schwartz, Mark S.,  |e editor of compilation. 
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