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You are being lied to : the disinformation guide to media distortion, historical whitewashes and cultural myths /

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Other Authors: Kick, Russell.
Format: Book
Published: New York : The Disinformation Company, c2001.
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245 0 0 |a You are being lied to :  |b the disinformation guide to media distortion, historical whitewashes and cultural myths /  |c edited by Russ Kick. 
260 |a New York :  |b The Disinformation Company,  |c c2001. 
300 |a 399 p. :  |b ill ;  |c 31 cm. 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references. 
505 0 0 |t What Makes Mainstream Media Mainstream /  |r Noam Chomsky --   |t Journalists Doing Somersaults /  |r Norman Soloman --   |t The Puppets of Pandemonium /  |r Howard Bloom --   |t New Rules for the New Millennium /  |r Gary Webb --   |t The Covert News Network /  |r Greg Bishop --   |t Why Does the Associated Press Change its Articles? /  |r Russ Kick --   |t We Distort, You Abide /  |r Kenn Thomas --   |t The Media and Their Atrocities /  |r Michael Parenti --   |t Making Molehills Out of Mountains /  |r Marni Sullivan --   |t Why They Hate Oliver Stone /  |r Sam Smith --   |t The Martin Lither King You Don't See on TV /  |r Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon --   |t Sometimes Lying Means Only Telling a Small Part of the Truth /  |r R. U. Sirius, Michael Horowitz and Timothy Leary --   |t Upon Hearing of the Electronic Bogeyman /  |r George Smith --   |t School Textbooks /  |r Earl Lee --   |t The Information Arms Race /  |r Douglas Rushkoff --   |t The War Secrets Senator John McCain Hides /  |r Sydney Schanberg --   |t Jimmy Carter and Human Rights /  |r Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon --   |t All the President's Men /  |r David McGowan --   |t Oil Before Ozone /  |r Russ Kick --   |t God Save the President! /  |r Robin Ramsay --   |t Colony Kosovo /  |r Christian Parenti --   |t The Truth About Terrorism /  |r Ali Abunimah --   |t You Can't Win /  |r James Ridgeway --   |t Anatomy of a School Shooting /  |r David McGowan --   |t How the People Seldom Catch Intelligence /  |r Preston Peet --   |t Reassessing OKC /  |r Cletus Nelson --   |t Votescam /  |r Jonathan Vankin --   |t The Rabin Murder Cover-up /  |r Barry Chamish --   |t What's Missing from This Picture? /  |r Jim Marrs --   |t Don't Blame Your Parents /  |r Judith Rich Harris --   |t The Female Hard-on /  |r Tristan Taormino --   |t Art and the Eroticism of Puberty /  |r David Steinberg --   |t "A World That Hates Gays" /  |r Philip Jenkins --   |t Apt Pupils /  |r Robert Sterling --   |t A Panic of Biblical Proportions over Media Violence /  |r Paul McMasters --   |t The Man in the Bushes /  |r Philip Jenkins --   |t Amnesia in America /  |r James Loewen --   |t Columbus and Western Civilization /  |r Howard Zinn --   |t Go Out and Kill People Because This Article Tells You To /  |r Nick Mamatas --   |t Saving Private Power /  |r Michael Zezima --   |t What I Didn't Know About the Communist Conspiracy /  |r Jim Martin --   |t Drug War Mythology /  |r Paul Armentano --   |t Toad-Licking Blues /  |r Thomas Lyttle --   |t Poppycock /  |r Jim Hogshire --   |t AA Lies /  |r Charles Bufe --   |t The Unconscious Roots of the Drug War /  |r Dan Russell --   |t The Truth About Jesus /  |r M. M. Mangasarian --   |t The Bible Code /  |r David Thomas --   |t Mystics and Messiahs /  |r Philip Jenkins --   |t Who's Who in Hell /  |r Warren Allen Smith --   |t Environmentalism for the Twenty-First Century /  |r Patrick Moore --   |t Humans Have Already Been Cloned /  |r Russ Kick --   |t NutraFear & NutraLoathing in Augusta, Georgia /  |r Alex Constantine --   |t Forbidden Archaeology /  |r Michael A. Cremo --   |t There Is So Much That We Don't Know /  |r William R. Corliss --   |t Will the Real Human Being Please Stand Up? /  |r Riane Eisler --   |t You Are Being Lied To: A Disinformation Books Roundtable /  |r Alex Burns --   |t I Have Met God and He Lives in Brooklyn /  |r Richard Metzger --   |t Church of the Motherfucker /  |r Mark Pesce --   |t A Sentient Universe /  |r Peter Russell --   |t A Lost Theory? /  |r David Loye --   |g App. A.  |t More Lies, Myths, and Manipulations /  |r Russ Kick --   |t App. B: More Reading /  |r Russ Kick. 
590 |a May01ca 
650 0 |a Mass media  |x Objectivity. 
650 0 |a Mass media  |x Moral and ethical aspects. 
650 0 |a Mass media and culture. 
700 1 |a Kick, Russell. 
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