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Other Authors: Jacoby, Joseph E.
Format: Book
Published: Prospect Heights, Ill. : Waveland Press, c1994.
Edition:2nd ed.
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Table of Contents:
  • I. The classic descriptions of crime. What is a gang? / Frederick M. Thrasher
  • The professional thief / Edwin Sutherland
  • Juvenile delinquency and urban areas / Clifford R. Shaw and Henry D. McKay
  • White-collar criminality / Edwin Sutherland
  • Our law-abiding law-breakers / James A. Wallerstein and Clement J. Wyle
  • The criminal and his victim / Hans von Hentig
  • Victim-precipitated criminal homicide / Marvin Wolfgang
  • Criminal victimization in the United States / Phillip H. Ennis
  • Violent crime : homicide, assault, rape, robbery / National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence
  • Delinquency in a birth cohort / Marvin E. Wolfgang, Thorsten Sellin and Robert Figlio
  • Social change and crime : a routine activity approach / Lawrence E. Cohen and Marcus Felson
  • II. Theories of causation of crime. An introduction to the principles of morals and legislation / Jeremy Bentham
  • The normal and the pathological / Émile Durkheim
  • Class conflict and law / Karl Marx
  • The new criminology / Ian Taylor, Paul Walton and Jock Young
  • Class, state, and crime / Richard Quinney
  • Criminal man / Gina Lombroso-Ferrero
  • The Jukes : a study in crime, pauperism, and heredity / Richard Dugdale
  • Feeble-mindedness / H.H. Goddard
  • The American criminal / Ernest A. Hooton
  • The individual delinquent / William Healy
  • Wayward youth / August Aichorn
  • Suicide / Émile Durkheim
  • Social structure and anomie / Robert K. Merton
  • Culture, conflict and crime / Thorsten Sellin
  • Differential systems of values / Clifford R. Shaw and Henry D. McKay
  • The content of the delinquent subculture / Albert K. Cohen
  • Lower class culture as a gendering milieu of gang delinquency / Walter B. Miller
  • Techniques of neutralization / Gresham M. Sykes and David Matza
  • Differential association / Edwin H. Sutherland
  • A differential association-reinforcement theory of criminal behavior / Robert L. Burgess and Ronald L. Akers
  • Delinquency and opportunity / Richard A. Cloward and Lloyd E. Ohlin
  • Unraveling juvenile delinquency / Sheldon Glueck and Eleanor Glueck
  • Attachment to social groups / Émile Durkheim
  • A control theory of delinquency / Travis Hirschi
  • The dramatization of evil / Frank Tannenbaum
  • Primary and secondary deviation / Edwin Lemert
  • Outsiders / Howard S. Becker
  • III. The social response to crime. On crimes and punishments / Cesare Beccaria
  • The law of vagrancy / William J. Chambliss
  • Social defence / Marc Ancel
  • Two models of the criminal process / Herbert L. Packer
  • Violence and the police / William A. Westley
  • A sketch of the policeman's "working personality" / Jerome H. Skolnick
  • Police control of juveniles / Donald J. Black and Albert J. Reiss, Jr.
  • The Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment / George L. Kelling ... [et al.]
  • The deterrent effects of arrest for domestic assault / Lawrence W. Sherman and Richard A. Berk
  • Punishment and social structure / Georg Rusche and Otto Kirchheimer
  • On penitentiary system in the United States and its application in France / Gustave de Beaumont and Alexis de Tocqueville
  • The American reformatory prison system / Zebulon Reed Brockway
  • Discipline and punish / Michel Foucault
  • Prisonization / Donald Clemmer
  • The pains of imprisonment / Gresham M. Sykes
  • The inmate social system / Gresham M. Sykes and Sheldon L. Messinger
  • The Chicago Area Project : a 25-year assessment / Solomon Kobrin