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01 Amhrán Mhuinse


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Main Author: Fitzgerald, Bridget.
Other Authors: Wagar, Martha.
Format: Online Sound
Published: 1989
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spelling 01 Amhrán Mhuinse Fitzgerald, Bridget. Sean-nos. Songs, Irish. <div><span class="xforms-group" id="xf-2549·4-1">PCG89-8FW_SideA</span></div> Wagar, Martha. 1989-09-09 Sound vudl:457787 Philadelphia Ceili Group
institution Villanova University
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author Fitzgerald, Bridget.
spellingShingle Fitzgerald, Bridget.
Songs, Irish.
01 Amhrán Mhuinse
author_facet Fitzgerald, Bridget.
Wagar, Martha.
author_sort Fitzgerald, Bridget.
author2 Wagar, Martha.
topic_str Sean-nos.
topic Sean-nos.
Songs, Irish.
topic_facet Sean-nos.
Songs, Irish.
topic_str_mv Sean-nos.
Songs, Irish.
dc_title_str 01 Amhrán Mhuinse
title 01 Amhrán Mhuinse
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title_full 01 Amhrán Mhuinse
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title_sort 01 amhrán mhuinse
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publishDate 1989
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