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Beadle's monthly, April, 1867.

AP2 .B33 [293]-388 p. :  ill. ; 23 cm.

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Format: Journal
Published: New York : Beadle and Company 1867
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spelling Beadle's monthly, April, 1867. Popular literature -- Specimens. <div>AP2 .B33 [293]-388 p. :&nbsp; ill. ; 23 cm.</div> New York : Beadle and Company 1867-04 Journal vudl:471810 Dime Novel and Popular Literature en
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topic_str Popular literature -- Specimens.
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spellingShingle Popular literature -- Specimens.
Beadle's monthly, April, 1867.
topic_facet Popular literature -- Specimens.
topic_str_mv Popular literature -- Specimens.
dc_title_str Beadle's monthly, April, 1867.
title Beadle's monthly, April, 1867.
title_short Beadle's monthly, April, 1867.
title_full Beadle's monthly, April, 1867.
title_fullStr Beadle's monthly, April, 1867.
title_full_unstemmed Beadle's monthly, April, 1867.
title_sort beadle's monthly, april, 1867.
format Journal
description <div>AP2 .B33 [293]-388 p. :&nbsp; ill. ; 23 cm.</div>
publisher New York : Beadle and Company
publisher_str_mv New York : Beadle and Company
publishDate 1867
dc_date_str 1867-04
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