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  1. How do I cite words from a song? What citation style are you using?  MLA (the style most commonly used for humanities disciplines)?  Do you need to make an in text citation or list of works cited?  I've checked the MLA Handbook and an online source Diana Hackers Research & Documentation Online and it doesn't look like MLA has a specific rule for lyrics.  I think you'd be OK to apply the rules for citing a verse, play or poem (See 19 under it-text citations) or a sound recording (see 42 under list of works cited).

    You can get to Hacker's  Research & Documentation Online from the Get Help Tab select, Tips and Guides, Citing & Evaluating Research:   http://library.villanova.edu/Help/FAQs/CiteResources

    For instance this is how I would apply the MLA guidence if I were quoting Sympathy for the Devil:

    When Mick Jagger sang  "Hope you guess my name" (line 10) from Sympathy for the Devil (title of the song should be underlined) a shot rang out.

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