Room 205

Room 205 is the primary space for Villanova University faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and official student groups to schedule events/meetings in Falvey Library. Room 205 A multi-purpose enclosed room on the 2nd floor. Default set-up seats 36. Room capacity is 60 with reconfiguration by groups using the space. See pictures, below. ADA accessible. Includes whiteboard and large flat screen display.

Speakers' Corner

Falvey Library's Speakers' Corner is available for Library sponsored/co-sponsored events only.

Speakers' Corner is a large and open public space on the Library's 1st floor. Seats up to 100 in lecture-style set-up. ADA accessible. Includes podium with microphone, projector, and screen. 

  • Please fill out Falvey's Co-Sponsorship Form if you would like to use Speakers' Corner and are seeking the Library's support for an event. Falvey is able to co-sponsor a limited number of events per semester.


Room 205 Default Set-Up

Room 205 Self-Serve Set-Up

Speakers' Corner Default Set-Up