Thank you!

The Library is grateful for all the faculty input during this important project.

We couldn't have done it without you!

Project overview

Beginning October 1st, 2017 Falvey Memorial Library embarks on a systematic, comprehensive evaluation of its print book collection which will result in the removal of out-of-date and underused materials. This webpage provides new deselection lists each month. Faculty will have the opportunity to review book deselection lists and submit retention requests.

Why Now?

Collection evaluation is a crucial component to effective collection maintenance and development. This project will address issues of currency and usefulness to ensure a high-quality collection suitable to the University’s curriculum as well as the needs of faculty, staff, and students.

What is the benefit of an evaluation project?

As Villanova increases its scholarly profile on the national stage Falvey Memorial Library must ensure that the library’s collection reflects our position as a nationally ranked research institution.

Removing outdated and unused books increases the overall quality of the collection by making current scholarship and seminal works more visible.

This process will also make visible gaps and weaknesses in the collection that will allow for better more targeted collection development in the future.

Falvey Memorial Library is committed preserving distinctive items, including unique and rare books, as well as titles related to the University’s mission and of local interest. 

We want to plan for an appropriate amount of space for the collection in the Library's redesign project. Hopefully, we can also allow for growth space based on the outcome of the review project.  

What is the process and who will be involved?

An evaluation will be conducted by liaison librarians within their subject areas. Following this evaluation liaison librarians will seek faculty feedback. Details for faculty participation will follow.

What happens to removed books?

Any books found to be too badly damaged for use will be responsibly recycled. However, for the majority of removed books Falvey Library will be partnering with Better World Books. Better World Books will sell the books and use the proceeds to fund literacy and library programs around the world. If current conditions indicate that there is not a market for a title, Better World Books will match it against a list of donation criteria to see if it meets the needs of one of our ongoing donation partners, such as Books for Africa, Room to Read, or a recent donation request.

How will I know when new lists are posted?

New lists will be posted the first business day of each month, and you will have until the last business day of the month to review them and submit requests for retention. Each month a reminder that a new list has gone up will be posted to Campus Currents, and your subject librarian will email a reminder that a new list has been posted to your department head or faculty library liaison.