What we do

The RSSE team engages with students, staff, and faculty across the university in support of teaching, learning, research, and publishing. 

We provide information literacy instruction sessions, offer research help via live chat, email, phone, and one-on-one research consultations, help with digital projects, and advise on author's rights, copyright, and other publication-related issues. We also select books and other materials for the Library's collection.

The RSSE team includes our subject specialist librarians, our Digital Scholarship librarian, and our Scholarly Communications librarian.

Who We Are

Name Title Portrait Contact
Fogle, NikolausPhilosophy Librarian610-519-5182
Fry, AlfredScience and Engineering Librarian610-519-4283
Hauck, LindaBusiness Librarian610-519-8744
Hayes, EricaDigital Scholarship Librarian610-519-5391
Hughes, SarahNursing & Life Sciences Librarian610-519-8129
LeBlanc, RobertFirst Year Experience Librarian610-519-7778
Poley, DarrenTheology, Classics and Humanities Librarian610-519-6371
Seibert, JuttaDirector of Research Services & Scholarly Engagement610-519-7876
Stein, Merrill Political Science/ Psychological and Brain Sciences/ Public Admin./ Naval Science/ Geography & the Environment610-519-4272
Wingo, SarahLibrarian for English Literature, Theatre, and Romance Languages and Literature 610-519-5183