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Transfer of University Records

The transfer of University Records to the Villanova University Archives should be in accordance with the guidelines as stated in the Villanova University Archives Collection Development Policy on the University Archives website.  

Basic Transfer Principles:

  • Records should be sent only in accordance with the Retention and Management of University Records Policy's Record Retention Schedules.
  • Published and widely circulated materials should be sent to the University Archives in a timely manner to ensure their preservation and availability.

Procedures for Transferring Records:

  • Consult and review: Retention and Management of University Records Policy document.
  • Consult and review: University Archives website. (See section: "Official Administrative Records, Papers and Publications of Villanova University, commonly transferred to the University Archives".
  • Consult and review: University Archives website.  (See section: "Records which generally should not be transferred to the University Archives".
  • Weed files before transferring records to University Arhives to include only materials listed in the Records Retention Schedules.
  • Complete: "Villanova University Archives Records Transfer Form" (See University Archives website).
  • Leave items in labeled file folders.
  • Place folders in cartons in the same order that they were in the file drawer.
  • Label cartons.  Carton should be clearly marked as to the office of origin.
  • Number cartons consecutively, entering both the number of the carton and the total number of cartons in the shipment to the University Archives. For example, carton number one of a ten-carton shipment would be labeled "1 of 10", etc.

Villanova University Archives Records Transfer Form

Records transfer information

Box inventory


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