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Falvey Scholars

2016 Falvey Scholar Award Winners


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  Online Nomination Form for Faculty Advisors can be found here.

   No longer available for the 2017 Falvey Scholars Program.

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  Online Application Form for Students can be found here. (Note: Students MUST be nominated by a faculty mentor before applying in order to be considered for the award)

  Available until April 3, 2017!

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  View past winner entries in the Falvey Digital Library

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  More information on Falvey Scholars can be found here.


The Falvey Scholar award is an annual program established by Falvey Memorial Library to recognize outstanding undergraduate research. It is a collaborative initiative of the Library and the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.

The winners of the Falvey Scholar award are selected from a pool of candidates that will be generated by applications submitted by a senior Villanova University student or a group of students working on a senior project together with the recommendation of the advisor to the senior thesis or capstone project completed for academic credit.

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Winners are recognized at an awards ceremony in Falvey Memorial Library that will include presentations by the award recipients on the content and findings of the research involved in the writing of the thesis or creation of the project report. Presentations highlight the use of Library resources.

Falvey Scholars is one of the keynote events of the annual Villanova Spring Research Exposition, or EXPO Week. EXPO is week long series of events that celebrates the scholarly achievements of Villanova's researchers - undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. The Expo showcases a year's worth of undergraduate research and student accomplishment in innovation and creativity as well as research done by our graduate students and faculty.

Digital copies of the winning papers are maintained in Falvey Digital Library.

Chloe DeEntremont

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

"Patriarchally Ever After?: Disney's Perpetration of Male Dominance through Animal Sidekicks' Interactions With Princesses and Princes"

Mentors: Dr. Sheryl Bowen & Dr. Heidi Rose

Molly Purnell

College of Nursing

"The Intergenerational Cycle of Obesity: Nursing Implications and Interventions"

Mentor: Dr. Meredith MaKenzie

 Thomas Cox

Villanova School of Business/College of Engineering

"Measuring the Adoption Deployment Rates of Disruptive Technologies"

Mentor: Dr. Stephen Andriole

Meghan Barker

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

"Bumptious Bodies: Analyzing Pregnant Space in Contemporary Artwork"

Mentors: Dr. Sheryl Bowen, Dr. Maghan Keita, Dr. Timothy McCall

Tara Malanga

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

"Does Nitrogen Addition Irreversibly Alter Soil Microbial Community Composition and Functions?"

Mentor: Dr. Adam Langley


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