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Scholarship Open Access Reserve (SOAR) Fund

Falvey Memorial Library has committed to support open access journal publication in the 2016-17 fiscal year with the Scholarship Open Access Reserve (SOAR) Fund.  This program is designed to provide financial support to Villanova faculty who are interesting in publishing in high quality open access journals. Faculty may be eligible to have article processing fees incurred for publishing in open access journals paid by the library.



  • Villanova faculty members who apply for support must be full-time.
  • All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  No more than three applications from the same faculty member will be considered. The library intends to spread support among a variety of departments and colleges.
  • The fee must come from a true open access journal (i.e., all content must be freely accessible on the open web).
  • The fee must not serve to “enhance” the accessibility of an article.
  • Faculty members should use available grant or external money first.
  • The library will generally pay the fee directly to the journal.  It may be possible to reimburse a faculty member after they have paid the fee with their personal funds, but that is not guaranteed.
  • The library reserves the right to limit the amount of the fee it will pay or reimburse.  The library may impose a $2,000 limit, or any other limit, at its discretion.  

In order to apply for open access fee funds, please submit the form below, along with your signed acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, which may be downloaded here:

Scholarship Open Access Reserve Fund Terms and Conditions.pdf

Any questions about the program can be directed to Jee Davis at jeehyun.davis@villanova.edu.

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