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Illiad Help

Phone: 610-519-4274

Mailing address: Falvey Interlibrary Loan, 800 Lancaster Ave., Villanova, PA 19085

Interlibrary Loan staff members are available, Monday - Thursday, 8 AM - 8 PM and Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM.  Interlibrary loan (ILL) refers to the loan of material from another library or the delivery of a print or electronic document from another library.   Falvey Memorial Library lends and borrows materials in conjunction with libraries around the world.

  • Villanova users should check Falvey's online library catalog, to determine if the library owns the material. If the library owns the item but it is currently in a status of On Loan, Overdue, or Renewed, an electronic request to Recall a Book can be submitted.

Submitting your request:

  • Villanova students, staff and faculty may request to borrow material from other libraries when the material is not owned by Falvey Library.
  • Interlibrary loan services are free of charge to all Villanova students, faculty, and staff.
  • Interlibrary Loan requests must be submitted electronically.  To help speed the processing of your requests, please be sure to review the "Not Needed After" field of the interlibrary loan form.  Due to the volume of requests received, the Interlibrary Loan staff request that the following limits be adhered to:

Undergraduate students: 5 requests per day
Graduate students: 10 requests per day
Faculty member: 20 requests per day or discuss research needs with staff

  • Requests submitted in excess of suggested limits will be processed as time allows. 

Libraries engaged in borrowing materials nationally and internationally are subject to a series of protocols that may preclude the borrowing and lending of the following materials:

Textbooks required for current Villanova courses
Books published within the last 12 months
Material owned by Falvey Memorial Library

Certain video, CD, DVD and microfiche/microfilm materials
Certain dissertations / theses

Notification and Pick-up:

Users are notified by email about the status of their interlibrary loan request.  Patrons can retrieve requested materials at the Circulation Desk by presenting their valid Villanova University WildCard and initialing the receipt book.

Loan periods and renewals:

  • Most books received through interlibrary loan may be kept for 3 or 4 weeks.  Loan instructions are provided with each item.  Journal articles received usually do not need to be returned.  Loan periods, renewal periods, and any restrictions on the use of loaned material are at the discretion of the lending library.  Contact the Interlibrary Loan Office in advance of the due date to inquire about the renewal of the material.  Interlibrary loan materials should be returned to the Circulation desk on or before the due date to ensure continued good relations with the lending library.

Other Libraries requesting Villanova material

Other libraries may request to borrow material owned by Falvey Memorial Library using OCLC, ILLiad, Ariel, or fax. Please contact the interlibrary loan staff at 610-519-6007 or 610-519-3899 for lending questions.

This library welcomes opportunities to enter into mutually beneficial, reciprocal agreements with libraries and information centers.  Non-Villanova faculty, students or staff should contact their local school or public library to obtain Falvey materials through Interlibrary Loan.

Those libraries with which Falvey Memorial Library does not have a reciprocal agreement will be charged the following lending fees per request:

Special Libraries:

Books: $15.00 per loan

Photocopy: $20.00 per 1 - 20 pages

Additional: $ .15 per additional page

Academic/Other Libraries:

Books $ 10.00 per loan

Photocopy $ 15.00 per 1 - 20 pages

Additional: $ .15 per additional page

Requests may be submitted by most commonly accepted means of receiving interlibrary loan requests including requests submitted on company letterhead.  Falvey's interlibrary loan fax number is 610-519-5018.  Delivery of material is by the most expedient means available at the time which may include but is not limited to surface mail, fax, Ariel, or Odyssey.  Interlibrary loan lending staff can be contacted by telephone at 610-519-6007.  The OCLC symbol for Falvey is PVU and Ariel and Odyssey delivery is available at no additional charge. 


Last Modified: Thursday, October 25th, 2012