Falvey Library

Affordable Materials Project

The Affordable Materials Project (AMP) is a University-wide collaboration between the University's bookstore; Falvey Library, Villanova Law Library, Center for Access, Success, and Achievement; and the Office of the Provost, all working together to address one of the most pressing issues students face today: access to high quality, affordable course materials.

AMP has raised awareness of Open Educational Resources (OER)-textbooks authored by faculty and experts made free to use by Creative Commons licenses.

The grant supports Villanova's goals for academic excellence, and helped the University toward its goal of meeting 100% of demonstrated student financial need by lowering the overall cost of enrollment. OER promotes equity in the classroom by giving all students unfettered access to required course materials.

This investment has yielded strong results. Now in AMP's fourth year, its e-book matching  have potentially saved students more than $1.9 million in course materials.

AMP in the News

The fact that this quality of a textbook was offered for free turned it from an accessory to a staple of my study habits. This offer allowed me to stay up to date with class and even get ahead.
Having the textbook freely available at any time that I needed it helped me by not having to worry about getting access so I could focus more on learning the material and being engaged in the course.
It was...way better to have it this way, and I feel I am more engaged in learning as a result.
The OER textbook is a very good primer for the course subject matter giving clear definitions, and several examples for each item covered, which enhances understanding while also giving practical application/use of the material covered.
The free textbook was a stress reliever. Many classes I have to worry about whether or not I actually need the textbook and sometimes fall behind if I haven't purchased it yet. This textbook was always available, and I never had to worry about access to critical material.
The OER textbook allowed for an affordable and seamless learning experience compared to traditional textbook materials.

* Responses to OER Student Survey by AMP, Fall 2021