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Why it's important

The high cost of course materials is a significant burden to students. From 2003 to 2013, textbook prices rose by 82%, about three times the rate of inflation.1 On average, Villanova students are expected to spend $940 per year on course materials.2 That's on top of tuition, room and board, and other expenses.

Not surprisingly, a recent national poll revealed that a majority of students forego purchasing textbooks because of the high cost.3 And we should not think that Villanova is an exception in this regard. While Villanova students are often perceived as financially well-off, 47% of them receive some form of need-based financial aid.4

The lack of consistent access to course materials is damaging to students' ability to succeed, both in their classes and in their university experience as a whole. Fortunately there are several easy things you can do each semester to alleviate the burden.

Challenges Students Face

Tips for Students How to save money, see if the library has your books, access course reserves
* Responses to Textbook Survey administered by Villanova's Center for Access, Success and Achievement (CASA)

Four ways you can help

Submit adoptions for every course by the semester due date

Prompt book adoptions allow the Villanova Bookstore to get better deals with wholesalers and give students more time to save for books and search for the most affordable options.

The adoption deadlines are:

  • Fall Submission Deadline: March 15
  • Spring Submission Deadline: October 15

Select course material that are cost-free for students

Contact your subject librarian at Falvey for help identifying subscribed electronic resources or open-access resources to use in place of traditional course readings. You can visit the library to learn more about Villanova's Open Eductional Resources. The University of Minnesota's Open Textbook Library is also a great resource to search for open-access course materials.

Use course reserves

Put copies of required and recommended course texts on physical reserve at the library so students can access them for free.

Make course materials available in electronic format through Blackboard.

Click here for reserves form.

Contact Trisha Kemp at the library for help with course reserves: 610‑519‑3899 or patricia.kemp@villanova.edu.

Adopt previous edition or use the same text for multiple semesters

This helps ensure that cheaper used textbooks will be available now and in the future.

For guidance, consult with the Villanova Bookstore staff.

Contact Villanova Bookstore Course Materials Manager Bernadette Mania at 610-519-5019 or bmania01@villanova.edu.