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Affordable Materials Project

AMP is a university-wide collaboration between the bookstore, Falvey Library, CASA, and the Office of the Provost, all working together to address one of the most pressing issues students face today.

Our mission is to provide faculty with resources and options for selecting high quality, affordable course materials and creating student awareness of affordable options for obtaining course materials.

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Challenges Students Face

Due to the high and rising costs of course materials, students face academic consequences and financial challenges.

It is extremely difficult to come up with $300-$500 a semester for textbooks every semester. Although I have borrowed money from family members for some semesters, that was not an option every semester. It is especially frustrating when teachers require that we purchase books that are $80-$100 for one reading assignment for once class, and then we never use it again.
- Political Science Major
If current editions are expensive, I must resort to older ones which often don't have the same organization or homework problems as the current edition.
- Biology Major
Being late for assignments and not being able to pay in time for the books.
- Mechanical Engineering Major
Sometimes I could simply not afford the textbooks and so I had to make due in the course without them.
- Nursing Major
I've been behind on schoolwork. I have had to work around my classmate's schedule in order to use her book. I've had to show up to class unprepared.
- English Major

* Responses to Textbook Survey administered by Villanova's Center for Access, Success and Achievement (CASA)

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