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Appendix B: Self-Scheduling on the VU Commons Google Calendar

Staff have the option to self-schedule certain spaces in Falvey using the Learning Commons Google Calendar. Note- if you choose to self-schedule, our team will not be involved with the event or meeting in any way.

You can self-schedule the following meeting rooms: Room 205, 206, 111 and the former AHI space. (The Griffin Room is scheduled on a Google Calendar that is managed by Barbara Quintiliano.)

 To self-schedule, you will need to follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to the Google Calendar login page: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=cl&passive=1209600&continue=http://www.google.com/calendar/render&followup=http://www.google.com/calendar/render
  2. The username for this account is: VUlearningcommons and the password is: falvey19085
  3. Find the date and time you need and double click on the time slot  
  4. Add a brief description of what you need the room for along with your initials. Check to make sure that the start/end date and time for your reservation is correct. Each room is color coded (R204 is green, R205 is red, R207 is yellow, R206 is blue, R111 is red) so you need to make sure that you use the correct drop down when creating your reservation. Press save when you are done. *See the example below* pic1.png


  After you have saved your reservation, it will show up on the calendar like this:



Helpful Tips:

-If creating a reoccurring series of regular meetings, please look ahead on the calendar and make sure that you are not scheduling on top of an existing meeting. Google won’t alert you if this happens.

-Be sure to give yourself extra time if you need to set items up in the room or if you think your event/meeting may run over time.

-Please cancel any reservations that you don’t intend to use as it will free up the space for another group.



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