The Augustine and Culture seminar is a required two semester humanities seminar course (ACS 1000: Ancients, and ACS 1001: Moderns) designed to introduce all first-year and new students to the academic culture of Villanova. It draws on a great-book philosophy and the tradition of Augustinian inquiry to prepare students for the academic rigor of university life. 

Multidisciplinary by design, ACS courses are taught by faculty from a wide range of disciplines including, but not limited to, Theology and Religious Studies, Philosophy, the Humanities, and the Center for Peace and Justice.

As an introduction to Villanova's campus culture, ACS also requires participation in at least three campus cultural events during both the Ancients and Modern course semesters.


Departments/programs/subject areas supported

Augustine & Culture Seminar

Resources Collected

NOTE: Electronic format is preferred for all Library holdings unless otherwise noted.

  • Scholarly monographs in electronic and print format (academic and trade press preferred)

  • Academic Journals in electronic format (Peer reviewed preferred)

Resources and materials collected selectively or by request:

  • Audiovisual materials

  • Academic journals in Print format (Only if electronic is unavailable)

  • Reference data, handbooks, dictionaries, and other material (electronic strongly preferred)

Resources not collected:

  • Microform

  • Non-Villanova theses and dissertations

  • Conference proceedings (selectively)

  • Textbooks 

  • Ephemera

  • Preprints

  • Government documents

  • Hardware and software manuals

  • Instructor’s materials

  • Juvenile works

  • Manuscripts

  • Pamphlets

Collaborations within the library

ACS draws its resources from a wide range of subjects including the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. As such, the ACS liaison duties are carried out by the First-Year Experience Librarian in collaboration with the subject librarians for English, Theater, Environmental Science, Psychology, History, Philosophy and Theology. The First-Year Experience librarian also collaborates with the Falvey Communications & Marketing team to showcase and/or announce ACS approved library sponsored cultural events 

External collaborations

The First-Year Experience librarian collaborates with faculty representatives of the Villanova Learning Communities to adapt ACS library instruction to the specialized needs of those communities. The First-year Experience Librarian also works closely with the Center for Access, Success, and Achievement (CASA) and the Presidential Scholar's program to provide library instruction to future Villanova students and academic summer programs.