The finance collection directly supports the instructional program and faculty interests.  Faculty requests and instructional materials are prioritized.  Broad access to the journal literature is achieved through aggregator databases and journal packages augmented with title by title subscriptions.  Access to important monograph literature is achieved through subscriptions to ebook collections, evidence based acquisition plans and title by title selections.  The library takes a leading role in providing journal literature, whereas the Applied Finance Lab plays the leading role in offering current financial research solutions and datasets for faculty.

Departments/programs/subject areas supported

Finance is the largest undergraduate major at Villanova School of Business.  An undergraduate minor is also offered.  Core courses for the undergraduate major include Intermediate Finance, Fixed Income and Valuation and Equity Markets and Valuation.  Regularly scheduled electives include Risk Management, Portfolio Management, Derivatives, Restructuring, Financial Modeling, International Financial Management, and Alternative Investments.  The Real Estate co-major can be combined with a Finance major.  An active student managed fund program exists and a research methods in finance concentration was recently founded.  Finance courses are required for the professional graduate programs and there is a 12 month Master of Science in Finance offered. 

Resources Collected

NOTE: Electronic format is preferred for all Library holdings unless otherwise noted.

  • Scholarly journals
  • Company fundamentals databases
  • Industry benchmarking databases
  • Scholarly monographs (print & electronic)
  • Significant popular books (print & electronic)
  • Professional publications (print & electronic)

Resources and materials collected selectively or by request:

  • Equity markets databases
  • Mutual fund/exchange traded funds databases
  • Private equity/venture capital databases
  • Fixed income markets databases
  • Mergers & acquisitions databases
  • Real estate databases
  • Corporate governance databases
  • Banking databases
  • Commodities databases
  • Data on foreign or global markets

Resources not collected:

Collaborations within the library

There is considerable overlap between resources used by the finance, economics, and accounting programs.

External collaborations

The Villanova School of Business Applied Finance Laboratory provides research terminals such  Bloomberg, SNL Financial, IW Financials, and subscription based proprietary data sets in high demand by faculty and graduate students such as those hosted by Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS).

The library participates in several consortial and cooperative organizations such as PALCI, Lyrasis, Portico, and EAST in order to achieve beneficial terms, pricing & preservation.