The management collection directly supports the instructional program and faculty interests.  Faculty requests and instructional materials are prioritized.  Broad access to the journal literature is achieved through aggregator databases and journal packages augmented with title by title subscriptions.  Access to important monograph literature is achieved through subscriptions to ebook collections, evidence based acquisition plans and title by title selections. 

Departments/programs/subject areas supported

Villanova School of Business offers a management major and minor.  Common co-majors include international business, analytics and entrepreneurship.  Required courses include organizational behavior, global business management, and innovation & design practicum.  A consulting concentration is also offered.  Electives regularly offered include global sustainability, global leadership, data mining, business analytics, ethics, global pharmaceutical industry, and intro to human resources.

Management courses form the core curriculum of the executive, flex track and fast track master of business administration programs.  A masters in church management is also offered. 

Faculty research interests include the following: business education, leadership development, grey markets and anti-counterfeiting, vendor selection, logistics, top management teams, strategic decision making, corporate social responsibility, international trade, scheduling, workplace aggression, and analytics.

Resources Collected

NOTE: Electronic format is preferred for all Library holdings unless otherwise noted.

  • Scholarly journals
  • Company fundamentals databases
  • Industry benchmarking databases
  • Scholarly monographs (print & electronic)
  • Significant popular books (print & electronic)
  • Professional publications (print & electronic)

Resources and materials collected selectively or by request:

  • Datasets

Resources not collected:

Collaborations within the library

Management courses often use materials primarily collected to support the marketing program.  There is significant overlap with materials needed for the human resource development, public administration program, College of Professional Studies.

External collaborations

The library participates in several consortial and cooperative organizations such as PALCI, Lyrasis, EAST, RAPID and Portico in order to achieved beneficial access, terms, pricing & preservation.