The marketing & business law collection directly supports the instructional program and faculty interests. Faculty requests and instructional materials are prioritized. Broad access to the journal literature is achieved through aggregator databases and journal packages augmented by title by title subscriptions. Access to important monograph literature is achieved through subscriptions to ebook collections, evidence-based acquisition plans, and title by title selections.

Departments/programs/subject areas supported

Undergraduates at Villanova can major or minor in marketing.  All VSB undergraduates are required to take a course in corporate responsibility and regulation. The required courses for a major are marketing research and marketing management. Regularly offered electives include the following: buyer behavior, professional selling, integrated marketing communication, digital marketing, marketing analytics, sports marketing, marketing services, & global marketing. Graduate level marketing courses are offered in the MBA programs.

Faculty research interests include the following: advertising & children, social responsibility & advertising, brand relationships, charitable donations, harm reduction, gamification, sustainability, labeling, privacy, direct marketing, international marketing, & health related buyer behavior.

Resources Collected

NOTE: Electronic format is preferred for all Library holdings unless otherwise noted.

  • Peer reviewed scholarly journals (electronic only)
  • Major bibliographic databases (electronic only)

Resources and materials collected selectively or by request:

  • Significant popular books (print & electronic)
  • Professional publications (print & electronic)
  • Assigned course materials
  • Multimedia
  • National consumer surveys
  • Datasets

Resources not collected:


Collaborations within the library

The marketing and business law department benefits from resources acquired by the law school library, the psychology department, and geography and environment departments.

External collaborations

The library participates in several consortial and cooperative organizations such as PALCI and Lyrasis in order to achieve beneficial terms and pricing.