Psychology is the basic and applied science of mind and behavior. Psychologists

use the methods of both natural and social science to advance our knowledge

and understanding of thought, emotion, and behavior in humans and other

organisms. Psychologists also apply this knowledge to improve the conditions

of individuals and society.


Departments/programs/subject areas supported

Undergraduate & graduate programs, major = B.S., 54, B.A. 31 credits, minor =  15 credits.

Offers undergraduate majors leading to a B.A. in Psychology, a B.S. in Psychology, and a B.S. in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, as well as to graduate programs leading to Master's degrees in Psychology and Human Resource Development (HRD), including online HRD program. Faculty and students in the Department are actively engaged in research at the forefront of psychology and neuroscience.  

Faculty in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences maintain active research laboratories in their specialties. Strong research specializations include Animal Behavior, Clinical/Health Applications, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Science, Language, Neuroscience, Organizational Psychology, Personality, and Social Psychology.

Laboratories are maintained for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Developmental Science, Social/Personality Science.

Resources Collected

NOTE: Electronic format is preferred for all Library holdings unless otherwise noted.

  • Scholarly monographs in electronic and print format
  • Subjects currently profiled to be considered for acquisition by Library:
    Psychology, Parapsychology, Occult (BF), Literature on Music (ML) – specifically psychological aspects of music, psychology - music, Philology. Linguistics (General) (P) – specifically psycholinguistics, philosophy - origin of language, language acquisition, Computer Science (QA) – specifically neural networks, Internal Medicine (RC) – specifically general neuroscience, brain damage, chemotherapy, Pediatrics (RJ) – specifically  mental disorders. child psychiatry. therapy,    specific mental disorders including Autism, Anorexia, ADHD, sexual abuse, etc., Therapeutics.  Pharmacology (RM) – specifically psychopharmacology.

  • Academic Journals in electronic format (Peer reviewed preferred)

Resources and materials collected selectively or by request:

  • Media, Tests, data sets, material in foreign languages

Resources not collected:

  • Textbooks

Collaborations within the library

Business & Human Resources Development (HRD), Education, Philosophy, Learning Commons

External collaborations

Business & Human Resources Development (HRD), Education, Philosophy, Eastern Academic Scholars Trust (EAST), PORTICO archive for preservation, PALCI, RAPIDILL, LYRASIS,