The Spring 2022 Falvey Forum is a series of virtual workshops dedicated to advancing research tips, techniques, and technologies. Drawn from Falvey Library's successful Brown Bag seminar series, the conference's sessions will cover a wide variety of research and library-oriented information aimed at invigorating and improving research, informing new pedagogy, and encouraging the integration of advanced academic research into personal and professional lives.

In partnership with The Albert Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest, the theme of the 2022 Falvey Forum is Digital History. Workshop sessions will explore how history and digital scholarship tools and resources intersect.

All events in the Falvey Forum Series are ACS-approved and co-sponsored by Falvey Memorial Library and The Albert Lepage Center for History in the Public Interest. 

2022 Falvey Forum Workshops:

Introduction to Digital History- REGISTER HERE 

Join Erica Hayes, Digital Scholarship Librarian, and Beaudry Rae Allen, Preservation & Digital Archivist, on Wednesday, Mar. 9, from 12–1 p.m. for a virtual workshop entitled “Introduction to Digital History.” 

Digital History integrates digital methods into the exploration of change and continuity over time in a variety of ways. Data visualization tools can help historians find patterns, fill gaps, and look for new questions in historical documents. Interactive modes of presentation afford historians new ways to present historical scholarship and to engage with the public. This workshop will provide an introduction to digital history and provide an overview of digital projects and how technology is changing the way we share and produce research.

Introduction to Digital Archives and Research- REGISTER HERE

Join Beaudry Rae Allen, Preservation & Digital Archivist, on Wednesday, Mar. 23, from 12–1 p.m. for a virtual workshop entitled “Introduction to Digital Archives and Research.” 

New technology is changing the ways we create, access, and use historical resources. This workshop is an introduction to digital libraries, archives, and how to harness online primary source material for your research. You will learn more about the functions and role of a university archive through the history of Villanova University, including archival collections, photographs, and memorabilia.

Photo Management with Tropy for Archival Researchers- REGISTER HERE

Join Rebecca Oviedo, Distinctive Collections Librarian & Archivist; Laura Bang, Distinctive Collections Librarian; and Erica Hayes, Digital Scholarship Librarian, on Wednesday, Mar. 30, from 12–1 p.m. for a virtual workshop entitled “Photo Management with Tropy for Archival Researchers.” 

Is your photo collection disorganized? Are you a historian interested in archival research and need to find a way to make sense of all your digital photos? Tropy is a free, open-source desktop application designed to help researchers organize and describe the photos they take in archives in intuitive and useful ways. In this workshop, you will learn best practices for handling rare materials in Archives, Rare Books, and Special Collections reading rooms, how to use Tropy to group photos of research materials, annotate images, add metadata, and easily search your own digital collections of photos.

Capturing the Web: Introduction to Web Archiving- REGISTER HERE 

Join Beaudry Rae Allen, Preservation & Digital Archivist, on Wednesday, Apr. 20, from 12–1 p.m. for a virtual workshop entitled “Capturing the Web: Introduction to Web Archiving.” 

Web archiving is the process of gathering up data that has been recorded on the World Wide Web, storing it, ensuring the data is preserved in an archive, and making the collected data available for future research. Get a foundational overview of web archiving in this workshop and learn ways to leverage the Wayback Machine and other web preservation tools in your scholarship and teaching.


PASt Events


October 22nd, 2020 | 11:00-12:00 EDT

Part of the Falvey Forum, University Archives will discuss how the archive is not a passive, neutral institution, but an active ever-evolving site where social power and memory is negotiated, challenged, and confirmed. This session will explore the history of diversity and social justice on Villanova’s campus through material from the University Archives and illustrate how archival practices and bias shape memory. Its is also an opportunity to learn how to do research in an archive.


Tuesday, October 13, 2020 | 3:00–4:30PM EDT

The PACSCL DEI committee invites you to attend a panel discussion about confronting and dismantling long-standing pejorative language in library cataloging and description, centering around the documentary, Change the Subject.


September 10, 2020 | 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM EST

Over the past several months many local Philadelphia institutions have launched collecting projects either encouraging our communities to document and contribute their experiences to their institutions or perform their own rapid response collecting to document the impact of coronavirus pandemic as a public-health crisis and the political protests of Black Lives Matter. This event is an unconference-style meeting meant as a platform to exchange experiences, challenges, resources, and develop potential opportunities of collaboration in collecting material around COVID-19 and BLM protests.  This zoom meeting is open to people who are actively pursuing a collecting project or interested in starting one at their institution.

Spring 2020

  • Curators Emma Poley and Beaudry Rae Allen

    Curators Emma Poley and Beaudry Rae Allen

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Be Not Afraid of Greatness: Celebrating the History of Villanova Theatre

In celebration of the new John and Joan Mullen Center for the Performing Arts, University Archives invites you to take a step into our past and enjoy exploring the history of Villanova Theatre. On display are programs, photographs, costumes, and organizational records since the inception of the Dramatic Society in 1870 to today.

The exhibit is on display on the first floor of Falvey Library till the end of the summer.

Meet our co-curator Emma Poley, Theatre Arts '21

Emma Poley is a first-year graduate student in the Department of Theatre. She graduated from Villanova University in 2019 with Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in Classical Studies and Humanities. In addition, Poley was a member of the Interdisciplinary Scholars cohort in the honors program. She has been a student worker in Falvey Library for the past five years working with Distinctive Collections & Digital Engagement. 

As part of her Master of Arts program within the theatre department, Emma is studying acting, critical theory and practice in the theatrical arts and is participating in a special study on Shakespearian drama. One aspect of theater that Emma is most interested in studying is Dramaturgy – a unique discipline in the field of theater. The Dramaturg (dra-mə-tərj) is a literary adviser who works closely with the Director and artistic team of a theatrical production, providing research, edits, and lending creative insight to the work.

* Her favorite era of Villanova Theatre is the transition of theatre as an extracurricular activity by Belle Masque Society to a full-fledged graduate program. 

* Emma recommends checking out the costumes, as they were designed and crafted in-house by the Costume Shop led by Janus Stefanowicz.