University Archives Mission Statement

The Villanova University Archives was established in 1960 and its Statement of Authorization for Archival Collection and Preservation of University Records received approval from the University President in 1987. Renewed in 1989, approval continues to the present.

The Villanova University Archives serves as the institutional memory of the University. It is the official repository for non-current University records having permanent historical, administrative, legal, and/or fiscal value that are no longer needed by the offices that generated these records.  The primary mission of the University Archives is to collect, appraise, organize, describe, preserve and make accessible institutional records and other materials of enduring value in all formats that reflect the history and development of Villanova University. These records are essential for documenting the history of administrative and academic units and activities of Villanova University administration, faculty, staff and students. "Official University records" include any and all documentation in any form produced, generated or received and accumulated by any employee of Villanova University while engaged in the conduct of official University business in offices, departments, schools, institutes, centers and the like. These University records are the property of Villanova University and as such are subject to submission to the University Archives. "University Community" includes individual and collective members of the board of trustees, administration, faculty, staff, student body, and alumni/ae of the University as well as any other individuals and organizations whose activities have relevance for the University. Materials collected by the University Archives include, although not exclusively those identified in the Villanova University Archives Collection Development Policy.

The University Archives strives to provide adequate facilities for the retention and preservation of official university records in addition to facilitating efficient management of records to ensure that permanently valuable records are preserved. In collecting these materials, the University Archives recognizes and honors matters of privilege and confidentiality.

The University Archives promotes knowledge and understanding of the origins, aims, programs, development and goals of the University. Its primary purpose is to document the history of the University and to provide source materials for administrators, faculty, students, alumni/ae, and other members of the University community, as well as scholars, authors, and other interested persons who seek to evaluate the impact of the University's contributions to the community, as well as the history of education in the nation. The records created today will become historically valuable for tomorrow's scholars. The archives strives to be aware of the importance of collecting and preserving all non-current, inactive, official University records that are presently housed in the various departments and offices that have sufficient value to warrant preservation and meet the collection parameters of the University Archives.