Recognizing the need for a formal archival policy to ensure the management and availability of the official records of Villanova University for historical purposes, the following policies for the collection and preservation of these vital papers, records and documents are hereby adopted.

All members of the Villanova University community (individual and collective members of the administration, faculty, staff, student body and all university organizations) in possession of files, records, or documents pertaining to official duties, are requested to observe the following regulations:

  1. Official printed material, record books, minutes, committee files, financial records, correspondence, photographs and other visual material – in sum, any records generated or received by the various administrative, academic, student, athletic and alumni offices of the University in conduct with the University functions or responsibilities – are the property of the University, and constitute potential archival material.
  2. Such property is not to be destroyed without the approval of both the individual in charge of the office where the papers accumulate and the University Archivist.
  3. The individual in charge of each administrative office shall determine when records cease to have current administrative value. The University Archivist, in cooperation with the individual in charge, will thereupon determine which of these records have permanent value to the University, and shall arrange their systematic transfer to the University Archives.
  4. The University Archivist shall consult with the appropriate administrative offices regarding any special conditions of access which may be placed on any categories of records. It is understood that in the absence of specific restrictions, all material transferred to the University Archives will be opened to researchers on a non-discriminatory basis.
  5. The University Archivist will preserve the records of the Board of Trustees transferred to the Archives by the Secretary of the Board. These records will be made available only to those individuals who have been granted permission to see them by the President of the University, and the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees.
  6. All potential archival materials shall be sent to the University Archives located in Falvey Library on a pre-arranged basis.

The University Archives may also selectively preserve personal papers of faculty members, administrative officers, members of the Board of Trustees, alumni/alumnae, students, student groups, employees, and other distinguished persons as a supplement to these official records.


Rev. John M. Driscoll, O.S.A.