September 1, 1989


To: Administrative Officers, Deans, Directors of programs, Institutes, Centers, Department Chairpersons, and Officers of University Organizations

From: Rev. Edmund J. Dobbin, O.S.A.

Re: Transmitting Records and Publications to the Villanova University Archives

Reports arising from the Program Evaluation process at Villanova have addressed the importance of maintaining comprehensive institutional archives. Until recently little attention has been paid to the development of a collection that reflects Villanova's history. The lack of an effective archival program means a loss to our institution – a loss which will be most felt at some future time. It is therefore imperative that our records be periodically reviewed to determine their historical value and that records of permanent value to the University reach a central department for processing, organization, and retention.

In its final (March 1988) report, Villanova's Program Evaluation Committee recommend that "an official statement be issued from the President's office, indicating the importance of preserving university documents in a central location and requesting that all pertinent information be forwarded to the Archivist." In a memorandum of October 6, 1987, my predecessor, Rev. John M. Driscoll, asked for your assistance in ensuring that such a recommendation be implemented, attaching to that directive a "Statement of Authorization for Archival Collection and Preservation of University Records." I strongly endorse this same recommendation by reaffirming that Statement of Authorization.

Further, I am distributing, for your use, a copy of the HANDBOOK FOR ARCHIVAL COLLECTION AND PRESERVATION OF UNIVERSITY RECORDS. This document has been developed in an effort to delineate procedures for increasing efficiency in handling and preserving University records. Careful adherence to HANDBOOK procedures should ensure that records of permanent value are retained and eventually transferred to the Archives while records of non-permanent value are periodically discarded. It is my intention that each are of the University process its records in keeping with HANDBOOK procedures in order to ensure the success of this vital long-term endeavor. At various administrative levels, a single individual should be designated as "Record Liaison" for the functional unit. This person will be the point of contact between the administrative unit and the University Archives for the purpose of organizing and preparing records for transfer to the Archives.

I ask for your cooperation in this important institutional task.


Yours sincerely,
Rev. Edmund J. Dobbin, O.S.A.