The following is provided in order to assist in the selection of documents that should be sent to the University Archives for permanent retention. Records created today will become historically valuable for tomorrow's scholars. Materials that have historical, administrative, legal and/or fiscal value should be transferred to the University Archives for permanent retention. The following questions will help determine if the material should be archived.
1. What kinds of materials does your office create, produce or receive, e.g., correspondence, memos, minutes, etc.?
2. Is your office the creator of this material?
3. How long do you need to keep the material in order to carry out your office's business?
4. How often do you need to refer to the records?
5. Does any of the material have financial or fiscal value?
6. Do you have a legal obligation to keep the material and if so, for how long?
7. Would the material be of use, for example, to a researcher who is writing a report on your office or a history of your department?
8. Can a person writing a grant proposal, for historical background, statistics, etc. use the material?